How important it is to go to beauty parlour on a regular basis

When I first did my eyebrows, ie in 2003,( Does that make me look old-SShhh), it was considered a blasphemy to go to beauty parlor. I have looked around to see if anyone is watching me. Now times have changed. Now-a-days, if someone doesn’t go to a parlor, they are considered obsolete creeps. I have been asked a lot of times why I let my eyebrows grow so much. It is when  I get those weird looks that I remember that those tiny hairs follicles have sucked up all the oil that is supposed to be absorbed into my scalp. Just imagine our hair, I mean the real hair grow so fast ! Unfortunately the upper-lips, eyebrows and our scalp are under fierce competition and sadly the scalp fails miserably, at-least in my case.


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I have always wanted to find someone who hates doing the eyebrows, upperlips, waxing and all the paraphernalia like I do. It to fifteen to find Prajakta Kohli, the youtuber who bravely declared that she hates going to the parlor and get tortured by paying the hard earned money.


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That was a breezer for me and I took the cue. Now my Venus Razor and Tweezer are my philosopher’s stones. Just a touch and my skin turns gold: Pun Intended. If not the perfection that the threads provide us or the smoothness that waxing presents, I could do pretty well without the torture techniques inside the congested cabins.

Now I the last June, a year after my third delivery, I decided to pamper myself and went to a parlor to do facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa and what not. After spending a fortune, when I looked myself in the mirror, all I could see is the same person with dark circles, grey hair and a lot of insecurities and complexes. That was my enlightening moment. That’s when I realized all this is a farce. Spending a day might be a confidence boost for many but for me it is nothing but a big time confidence buster because the beautician out there never fails to rub it on my face that I have aged over the years, which is quite natural, and my skin has taken up all the wear and tear, which could be cured only by a regular visit to the parlor. Come on! Whom are you kidding. I am a mother of three and gained and lost weight like a balloon in the hands of a kid. If there is an extra wrinkle or dark circle on my face that is because of the extra effort I have invested in bringing up my cuties.

The moment I started accepted myself as how I am, I was devoid of the insecurities, which could have landed me in depression. I have heard girls saying that they feel unhygienic if not undergone a pedicure, manicure clean up etc etc; As if cleaning yourself is a beautician’s job. If you feel a morale boost from parlors, well and good but stop judging people who don’t like to. Just because they don’t undergo expensive treatments, don’t think that they are obsolete, unhygienic and primitive. If you don’t like going to a parlor simply ditch it and live your life the way you like. Trust me! The moment you start loving yourself, you will be over all judgement and you will be the happiest person on the planet.  1523533123518

Love yourself for noone can love you as much as you do-


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