Be yourself and fight for your self-worth

We live in a society, that too a judgemental one. We will be judged by someone or the other at every point of our lives. We live our lives fulfilling the social norms that we foregt our self worth and end up not being ourselves anymore. Being ourselves doesn’t imply that you can do whatever comes to our mind because were are dealing with toxicity or negativity and we cannot be negative ourselves. Hence it is imperative that we should ask ourselves and confirm a few points to reinforce that you are doing the right thing. Since Awareness is the Key to start SelfLove, let’s be aware.

  1. Forget the society:- The societal standards might not always go with your moral standards. Morality is relative. The line of morality changes from person to person and hence you need to think and resolve where to set yours.
  2. Do what you love:- Not everyone get the happiness and satisfaction from the same thing. For some it would be music, for some it would be dance or movies or or cooking or books. For me books and writing is what gives the orgasmic satisfaction notwithstanding the literal one. No pun intended. You are the only one who can figure out it. Once if you zero in on something, don’t get stuck there. Explore more arenas and you will be surprised too see unreaped talent and passion lying inside you. For me it was cooking. I haven’t ever even dreamt that I would be someone who enjoys cooking. But once I ventured into cooking experiments, I realized that if not books, food is what gives me immense satisfaction
  3. Express yourself:- The moment you start expressing yourself, you will become the lightest person in the universe. By expressing, it doesn’t mean that you need to change your character and start behaving like Jeet in the bollywood movie ‘JabWeMet’. You could express your emotion through your passion. You can also express it in the literal sense if you like it that way. A whole-harted laughter can heal your sould like nothing else.
  4. Stay away from toxic personalities:- It could be your friend, relative, spouse, colleague or anyone who has an influence of any sort. Your decision should be not to entertain them at all. It took me years to learn that negligence is the best way to tackle to toxic personalities because they will do something to instigate a retort from your and use the same against you to play the blame game using victim card. You can either block them right away or tell them first. But once you tell them, once the conversation ends, the victim stand would be exchanged with that of the witness.
  5. Ask yourself the question:- While you try to be yourself and honest, you might end being a bully because truth is not always right if it does affect someone adversely. In an attempt to love yoursef and being yourself you should not end up being the toxic human being yourself. Hence never let your guard down and never let anyone prevent you from having the #MorningCupOfPositivity. Also, never hurt anyone intentionally.

Basically, the idea of being yourself is to take your conscience to the podium and not letting anything else on the dias, and have a cup of positivity.

Rakhi Jayashankar

About Rakhi Jayashankar

Blogger, Holistic Wellness Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Healer


  1. Good pointers, Rakhi, and very well said that morality is relative & it changes from person to person. Bhagwadgeeta also talks about Swadharma.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  4. […] Be it workplace or workspace, bullying is unavoidable. The way you take care of the bullies and the way you allow them to have an effect on your confidence is necessary. Primarily, you should insulate your self from gaslighting that the bullies are certified for. They’ll attempt to break your confidence and slowly feed in your insecurities. However that is attainable solely until you let it. All the time keep focussed in your work and work to develop your self-worth. […]

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