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We all have something to dream about. We have that one desire which will make our life accomplished. For some, it would be many. We call it “Bucket List”. You might me wondering how bucket list comes under the theme family.

As mentioned in many previous blogs, I am a different kind of human being who prefers books to dresses and other paraphernalia, reading to shopping and sleeping to parties. All my desires and the dreams have revolved around my family. I met my husband, my then boyfriend, when I was 16 and I was so smitten by him that I could think of anything without him. It was a teenage fantasy first and a habit later. So my bucket list also had my husband and now my kids involved.

1. Playing in the snow

Since I was born and brought up in Kerala, snow was a dream for me. We never had winters that had snow. Ironically, now we have snowfalls in Munnar during winter. It is more of snow flurry.

So, my desire to play in the snow was procrastinated till I got married. My honeymoon was in Switzerland and we went during winters, I know it is an unlikely tour, an off season trip but we got too many advantages like sale, availability of slots in tours and possibility of immediate change of plans.

2. Be a lyricist

While my first one was accomplished, this one was done half way through. I wanted to be a lyricist in movies while I got chances for writing album song. Something is better than nothing and hence I took it up. Credits was not given in the video though. That’s another story.

3. Paragliding

This is an unfulfilled fantasy. One day I will go with my dear hubby and update you. Once we went to Wagamon for the same but when we went there paragliding was closed. Well, the time had not come then.

4. North Indian drives

It is being accomplished step by step and one fine day I will have travelled the whole of India. Last year we went to Bhopal by car from Kochi. This year will go.as far as New Delhi.

5. Being a successful author

Four years back, in February this was also accomplished. My first book “Waves in the Sky” came out like my baby. For me, my book was a success as I got quite good reviews but if the success parameter is being bestseller, I will have to wait more.

6 Bunjee Jumping.

I need to fly high in the air and the dive to the earth holding his hands. Like a bird I need to fly.

7. Sledging

The picture of Santa Claus sitting in the sledge has been engraved in my mind and I will go sledging one fine day.

8. To ride Harley Davidson

I have been a quite famous rider locally , about 12 years back. Since then due to several reasons, riding has been a distant dream. But now, when I see my husband ride his Harley Davidson Fat Boy, the rider in me watches with envy. Waiting for my kids to be a little bigger and you see how I dash off!

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  1. Interesting wishes…some of these are in my bucket list also.

    1. Oh that’s great. Which r they

      1. Be a lyricist,paragliding, bungee jumping , being a successful author.

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