NatureSure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil – Review

Thumba oil is a traditional ayurvedic medicine that is used for hair growth. Studies prove that it has been helpful in stimulating the hair follicles.

Thumba is not the plant that is used during Onam by Malayalis. The scientific name of Thumba in the Thumba oil is Citrullus Colocynthis also known as bitter apple.


Naturesure Thumba Oil

Naturesure is the only brand that produces Thumba Oil, as far as I know. It is a mix of herbs that enhances hair growth. The company claim is that it prevents premature greying and reverse the signs of alopecia and baldness along with increasing hair count and hair length.


The oil is packaged in 110 ml plastic bottles. Despite the fact that plastic is not eco-friendly, we have to accept that it is the most feasible material to pack oil and hence we can ignore it.

The packaging is compact, travel friendly and professional.

First Impression

The oil is a quintessential Ayurvedic oil with golden brown colour, semi-transparent and mildly thick consistency.

The fragrance of the oil is not very pleasing and that’s the only drawback I could see. But we have to accept the fact that none of the authentic Ayurvedic concoctions have pleasant fragrance.


The oil need to be massaged to your scalp and left as such for fifteen minutes and washed off with mild shampoo. The oil is recommended to be used daily for faster results. I have tried it during lockdown and hence I could easily use it without worrying about my hair looking oily.

If you are a working person, it is better to use it twice or thrice a week and more so mixed with an oil with artificial fragrance or any essential oils.


The results that the oil delivers is a guarantee from my end. On a personal front, I cannot vouch on the prevention of premature greying and baldness. But indeed the oil helps in hair growth. I did smoothen my hair and hence it was easier to track the hair growth. I used it along with essential oils with fragrance. I’m not very sure if it’s visible in the pictures but the baby hairs are the pro


Disclaimer: For the bottles I have used the pictures from Naturesure Websites for better quality and I guarantee that the product looks the same directly as well. The hair picture is mine only.

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