Naturesure Kalonji Seed Tablet Review

Kalonji or black cumin is a household name in India. We have been using kalonji for cooking for centuries now but the therapeutic properties of Kalonji are not known by many.

Uses of Kalonji

NATURESURE KALONJI BLACK SEED TABLET are the easily accessible Kalonji Seed tablets for our medicinal or Self-care purposes. Kalonji is stuffed with anti-oxidants. It could lower the cholesterol levels and regulate sugar. Basically it is the best for people in their midlife. Because all lifestyle diseases are diagnosed at this age. Kalonji protects our liver and prevents stomach ulcer. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nature Sure Kalonji Seeds

  • Packaging

Packaging is extremely professional and impressive. The packet itself looks really good. The bottle is plastic though. It is packed using the standard therapeutic packing procedure with cotton inside. There are 90 tablets edible for men and women.


It is not very easy to swallow. As per the directions in the package, 2 tablets twice or thrice a day is the dosage. To swallow the two tablets back to back could be difficult for some.

The tables are vegetarian.


The product is approved by FSSAI and the ingredients are procured from GMP and ISO certified units.

Overall the product is good quality and worth the price. It has all the qualities of Kalonji and is recommended.

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Disclaimer: I have used the pictures from Naturesure website for high resolution pics. I assure that the packaging and the product are the same as what shown in the picture

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