Drink a Cup of Positivity- The magic potion

Be positive, power of positivity, think positive, stay postive- Positivity has been the most trending hashtag in social media of late. We all want to stay positive and keep negativity at bay. Is that so easy? Well, no. The more you try to remain positive, the more you will face difficulties and find it difficult to keep up with it. Once to go down the road of positivity, our expectations would be higher. “I have decided to be positive. Everything would be good from now onwards.”

Then comes someone or something which pulls you down to where you started off. All the positive energy you have imbibed would seem to vanish. You will start losing your self worth, the confidence and evetything falls apart. This is the time to drink the cup of positiveTea. Close your eyes and shut out the world from even your mind. The negative thoughts will try to peep in. Always keep your guard up and the moment negative thoughts come to you, tell yourself to keep quiet. It’s the silence of your mind that is important, not the surroundings.

The cup of positivity is not any magic potion. It is your mind itself. How you tame your mind is important. Not entertaining things that affect you is the most important. Your phone has a block button. Use it wisely. Don’t use it to show your superiority but use it to silence your mind. Block the people who are affecting your sanity, the toxic people in your life. More about toxic people would be given in the future posts.

Now where you stand, you have learned to silence your mind, to shut our negative thoughts and wade through negativity. But something that you think you have achieved might not be that which you have fathomed. The phase that you are in, will change and more troubles would come your way. Your job is to be proactive. Tell yourself that it is not the end. It will come up again or something else would come up but you should never stop drinking the cup of positivity

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