Know Your Health – The Revolutionary Feature by ICICI Lombard

Health is wealth- we have been hearing this saying since childhood. Eating healthy food, exercising, you would have tried everything in your possibility to ensure healthy living. Nonetheless, life threw a googly in the name of pandemic and you have an uncertain future or so you think. The situation has become so dire that anything could happen at any time. Hence with an intention to ensure better health and to make sure you are able to keep a track of your health, ICICI Lombard has introduced the know your health feature in the IL TakeCare App which enables you to keep yourself in good health.

Know your health

IL TakeCare App – The revolution in healthcare sector

IL TakeCare App is a revolution in the healthcare sector for several reasons. This is the one-stop destination to manage your health and motor policies. You can also compete with your family in maintaining your health with the step-up challenge. You can also get your policy-related documents from the app and hence no more rummaging for the papers during emergency situations. The most attractive service that you can avail of from the App is a 24*7 doctor and ambulance service. When we think twice before visiting hospitals, this has come as a boon.

You can tele-consult a doctor, avail e-card for cashless hospitalization, order medicines online, and also intimate your claims. In short, it is your buddy during emergencies.

Now they have added a new feature of face scan to know your vitals. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky members who could witness the announcement of a strategic digital initiative/industry-first digital initiative.

Know your health - feature

Know your health

The signature app IL TakeCare by ICICI Lombard has introduced a new face scan feature by the name Know Your Health to check your vitals. It helps us in tracking the vitals like blood pressure, O2 saturation, heart rate, respiration rate, etc. With the scare of dropping O2 saturation during the post-COVID and quarantine phase, this has come across as a boon.

Knowing your health features spares us the pain of maintaining and using numerous gadgets to check the vitals. This is the first in the industry and the primary members and family members also can use this feature.

How to use Know your health feature?

The feature can be found on the homepage of ILTC app and can be used to check heart rate, oxygen saturation rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, and stress levels. This can be done by scanning your face.

The detailed instructions including the do’s and don’ts can be obtained from the app.

Know your health vitals

The insurer, through the IL TakeCare App, can do the scan to know about their health.

Oxygen rate, heart rate

The details of all six vitals can be obtained. 

Health vitals

“Face Scan feature is a powerful innovation to democratize health checks, going beyond the realm of a transactional relationship to delivering a frictionless and engaging experience in the current times,” says Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard.


This signature has App already gained 1.2million downloads and with the introduction of Know Your Health, the traction is sure to touch the sky. More details are available at

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  1. wow..I am impressed. I am going to share this info with my parents, inlays and sister. Having an app that will track our health is so cool and surely going to be a big hit.

    1. Yes. Especially with aged parents it helps a lot

  2. That such a cool app having track on health which we really miss out in daily basis.i wil tell it to my hubby too.

  3. The new age technology has made our life easier and good to know new features of the IL Takecare app of ICICI that makes it convenient for people to keep the check on the health.

  4. In recent pandemic era, we all need help of good apps to take care of our many basic needs including health. iL take care app many impressive features that can help people accessing more about their health. thanks dear for sharing about it. will check out this for sure.

  5. The idea of teleconsultation comes in really handy during these pandemic times. Love the face scan feature to make diagnoses better.

  6. Superb! What else one can ask for to keep his heath on track in the era of so much uncertainty. I must say ICICI Lombard has come with an amazing idea. I have to share this with my near and dear ones in India.

  7. This Icici Lombard health app looks so promising. I mean consulting the doctor, ordering medicines and hospitalization everything is taken care via this Takecare App.

  8. Wow what an innovation to track. Health Metrics. I’m definitely sharing this with my friends . This is absolutely useful during these tough times

  9. Oh simply by scanning your face you can get your vitals checked. More do you want I’m surely downloading this app by ICICI Lombard.

  10. Wow!!i will surely use it.i have been into search for such an of my friend suggested a health check app for iPhone ..but i have Android.helpful! Thank u

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