Self-care and selfishness- #WellnessWednesday

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. This series is not only skincare but self care and health care also. So today I though I will go with selfcare.Caring oneself doesn’t mean that you should be selfish but it means that you should keep yourself away from whatever pulls you down. If that comes across as selfishness , so be it. But you should understand the difference between self-care, self- respect and selfishness.

If you wish to be away from someone because you feel that the particular person is toxic to your life, or your well being or being with someone affects your self worth you should and you must step down from the relationship be it friendship, romance, marital life or even relatives.. There comes self-respect as well. Toxic love is an oxymoron but it is the current reality. It is important for our youth to recognize when something gets toxic and the when the danger bell rings.

As I always say, not letting yourself affected by all these drama in your life is the most important point to hold on to. Train your mind to not let anything affect you. The first step in this process is to recognise the toxic personality in your life or realise it when some situation or something someone tells is affecting your mind. Colloquially we say “Getting into your nerves” You should realise it when something or someone starts to get into your nerves. The moment you should stay away, stop responding and even stop thinking about it so that it won’t get past your imaginary shield of positivity.

When you decide to stay away from something that affects you, it is self care and self respect. But if your staying away or being with someone is decided by whether you can get anything done by them, then it is selfishness. You cannot disguise your selfishness as your self worth because then you degrade yourself as a human being. If you are deliberately, well n good. But if you are doing it thinking that what you do is being self caring, then you should understand that it is not the case. Next week we will see how to deal with selfish people.

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