What Are The Benefits Of Aloe vera Gel For Skin?

A lot has been written about how I prefer using natural ingredients and herbal products and hence much need not be said about whi I prefer Aloe vera gel. For skin, health and hair, this has been my first choice. So, what are the benefits of aloevera gel for skin? Let’s have a look.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for skin

Benefits of aloevera gel for skin

I have been using Aloe vera gel for skincare, haircare and therapeutic properties for a while. Stating the same for my readers to get benefitted from.


This is one of the commonly known benefits of aloe vera gel for skin. You can either take fresh aloe vera leaf from the plant or use pure aloevera gel available in the market. Apply aloe vera gel on your face right after waking up. Let it dry and wash off after half an hour. Continue this practice for a month and see the difference. I have tried it an had such smooth and soft skin. You can apply the gel on your kids as well.

Burn heal

This was a new revelation for me initially but once I started using it, I realised that it is indeed a magic skin medicine. It helps in healing mild burn as well as sun burn. Apply a thin layer on the affected area. Make sure that aloe vera gel that you use is pure and device of chemicals.


Aloe vera is quite helpful in alleviating the irritation due to the rashes. The rashes due to alergy in adults and diaper rashes and other irritations in babies can also be cure with the regular use of pure aloe vera gel.

Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are different types of skin ailments which are characterised by dry skin conditions. The irritation and rashes due to these conditions can be alleviated with the regular use of aloevera gel. This is one of the therapeutic benefits of aloevera gel for skin

Inflammatory acne

The acne that are painful and inflammatory can be cure with aloevera gel as it is an astringent and closes the open pores there by preventing them from being clogged with impurities and sebum, thereby curing the condition.

Identifying pure aloevera gel

While the benefits of aloevera gel for skin are many, the effectiveness largely depends on the purity of the product. Store brought products are often misleading with their false claims. I used to take the gel directly from the plant. But everytime it was not feasible. That’s when I came across Deyga Organics. I started using their aloevera gel and can say with conviction that their product is pure. I compared it with the original gel that I took from my garden to substantiate my findings. Now that we know what are the benefits of aloe vera gel for skin, let us have a look ate how to identify pure aloe vera gel.

Color and fragrance

The first point to take care of is the color and texture of the product. Contrary to the general belief, aloevera gel is not green in color. Nor does it have a sweet fragrance. Always keep in mind that the products that claim to be original are not always so. H

Benefits of pure aloevera gel for skin

Pure aloe vera gel is not 100% transparent. If you can see the product by Deyga in the image above, it is not 100% transparent. It has a thick consistency. For an easier comparison I have added a drop of the gel that I have taken and also from Deyga Organics aloe vera gel packet.

Can you distinguish between the gel that I took from the plant and Deyga Gel?

Benefits of pure aloevera gel for skin - comparison
Comparison with the original aloe vera gel

See the label

If a product has stated only aloe vera gel in the ingredients, it is a farce. A stabilising agent is needed to pack it for a long term. Even if you take the gen from the plant, it wont last for more than two or three days. Deyga is quite transparent about the ingredients. They have also instructed the users to refridgerate after use.

Deyga aloe vera gel ingredients

Now that you know what are the benefits of aloevera gel for skin, what are you waiting for? Grab your products as soon as possible.

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  1. I actually used aloe vera as a hair mask. And even during the summer when it is scorching. Its one of the best coolants and really nourishes the skin and hair. One of my aloe vera plants died and I felt sad about it. But after reading your post, I think I should get another one now.

  2. Aloe Vera gel I applied on my hair and it turned my hair silky, on my skin it initially worked well but later started making the skin dry. so Now I am not using it for skin care

  3. I am a big fan of aloe vera gel. My daughter has sensitive skin and the only thing that suits her is aloe vera gel.

  4. I am a big fan of using aloe vera gel in skin care routine. I agree it offers many great benefits. i am using patanjali’s aloe vera gel since long years but Deyga’s also looking promising. deyga has high quality products and they never compromised on quality.

  5. Aloe vera gel is one the best skin care products and is recommended by many. Perfect for skin. I have tried natural and patanjali gel. But, this brand now also needs a trial. Would get it soon. Thank you for introducing this.

  6. Aloe vera gel actually does magic to your skin. I have been using this on my burn and it helped me to recover faster.

  7. I have tried Deyga products and I like that they are made with natural ingredients and no chemicals. Aloe vera is so versatile will check this product.

  8. Aloe vers is the best plant that is beneficial for our skin, hair.
    I have used deyga products, specially aloe vera gel. It’s too good for our skin

  9. I have been using aloevera gel since childhood and all the facts given are so true. It works like magic. I love this post.

  10. Aloe vera has been a go to plant my uncles would use. I grew up seeing them use it. It was when my youngest daughter came that I really dig deep into learning the use of aloe vera. Living in a tropical country, this get had really helped make her skin feel calm.

    1. Aloe vera has immense benefits for both skin and hair.

  11. Aloe vera is good for skin and I have been its fan for years. I used to use it directly from the plant till it became cumbersome. Now store-bought. Never tries the brand you have mentioned. Will try this. Packed with Information.

  12. Absolutely Aloe Vera gel is like a go-to product for anything from moisturizer to burn heals. Though I am yet to try this brand but will check it out now.

  13. Aloe gel if pure and without additives is blissful for the skin.

  14. We have a Aloe Vera plant. Shall use thesw tips

  15. I need to try this brand. I have been seeing very rave reviews about it.

  16. aloe vera is really good. I have lots of it. plus deyga products are quite good on the skin.

  17. I can not do without aloe vera. I have always used the gel fresh from the plant but now I don’t have a garden and have to buy. Thank you for sharing Deyga’s product. I will surely try it out. I too like to use natural products for my skin

  18. my sensitive skin loves aloe vera so much!

  19. I had no clue about these many benefits, was only aware of a few. Thanks for sharing with us

  20. I am someone who had been hesitant for a very long time to use aloe vera on my skin. But this summer, a friend strongly recommended using it for healing my dry skin. And, it worked like a magic potion for me.

  21. What a coincidence. I have been thinking of using aloe vera on my face for a while. Your post is like a sign 😃

  22. I have an aloe plant and have also wondered how some brands manage to sell green gel!! Great write up!

  23. Good u showed the comparison between both. Deyga products are indeed natural & good.

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  25. I use aloe vera a lot for my skin and hair. It is surely very helpful. Deyga aloe vera sound good.

  26. I swear by aloe vera due to my hyper-sensitive skin. I avoid branded products and prefer using it directly from the plant. Will surely check out Deyga. So many have been recommending it.

  27. Deyga aloe vera sound good for my skin and hair. WILL TRY FOR SURE

  28. I am die hard fan of aloevera. I have planted aloe vera in my yard as it works wonders.

  29. I have used many of deyga products and Aloe vera gel is my favorite.

  30. My kiddos and I have very, very dry and sensitive skin and scalp too. Aloe vera gel came as a savior for our skin and hair.

  31. Aloe Vera helps lower the acne irritation for me. Also, I am going to use it for sunburns or mild burns that often happen in the kitchen. I have a plant in my balcony from where I usually take a small piece every day.

  32. I am using Deyga aloe vera and it is really amazing,natural and effective

  33. I use aloe vera gel daily for my skin and find it really effective. However, I have not used this company. I must try it out. Thank you for the suggestion.

  34. I needed a. Good reliable brand for aloe. Thanks for the review

  35. I am not a big fan of this, however your most is really motivated me to give it a try.

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  37. I have never tried it for hair. Results on skin are really good.

  38. Aloe vera is my go to for most skin issues, soothing and also skin brightening. I also found the Deyga range of products very effective and of high quality

  39. Very informative piece. I haven’t used Aloe Vera but your review has made me curious. Well brought out aspects

  40. Aloe vera has plenty of Vit E which makes it a must ingredient for all skin products. Deyga is a pure and organic brand and I was quite happy using them.

  41. Looks like a great brand.. will surely checkout

  42. I have not tried this brand yet. Aloe Vera has so many benefits. I have aloe Vera plants in my house.

  43. I am huge fan of Aloe Vera gels and use only that on a daily basis. This was a very informative article and I will be checking out this brand’s Aloe Vera gel next. #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  44. Aloe vera gel has so many benefits, thanks to your post that reminded us to use it effectively. Deyga products are worthy having on the shelf.

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