Driving force

Quite often we complain about our spouse’s inability to express love, deliver complements, understand what you want etc. If you are one who has these complaints, it is time for an introspection for it’s you who are being inadequate. If you feel that your partner is not expessing love, why don’t you do what you expect from them

In every relationship, over the time the graph gets to a static. That’s when the danger bell rings. That’s where were hear terms like boring marriage. It is you who can work on it and change it. Your job is to look for and recognise the driving force in your marriage.

It is easy to say that we have been like this for years but it is equally difficult to take and effort and change it. The driving force is recognising what your partner likes. It could be anything. There would be always one thing that you both would like. God has not made any two human beings so far apart that they have nothing in common. But identifying that commonality is important.

To add Color and flavour to a lifeless marriage, change is imminent. The moment you are ready for that change, the relationship changes.

So, try to find that driving force in your relationship and revive the lost Color and flavour.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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