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1533469720003.jpgDiary writing has always been my habit for years. I am not sure when I started writing my thoughts out. I still have a collection of my literary blabbering. When the heat of postgraduation melted my brain, the writing habit was lost somewhere. I started keeping to myself. I was all exuberant and made a lot of friends but did not actually have that share- everything-relations with them post the college days.

Being an emotional fool myself I have always wanted a shoulder to lean on, which made me an emotionally weak and dependent soul. This is a matter of the past.Through time I learned that washing your emotional laundry is not a good idea. However we trust someone, we cannot expect them to keep everything to themself because they will have other shoulders to lean on. They might spill our beans to someone else in a belief that the other person don’t even know us. How funny is that!! People perceive things differently. So what if they add their perception too!! This might end up in you hurting someone unintentionally.


We all are conditioned to depend on a shoulder to shed our pains. We all need someone to share everything. Of course we have our spouses or partners but sometimes after shedding everything on to them we still feel full and in need of an outlet. End of the day we risk ourselves of being at the mercy of someone to support us and keep our secrets safe. Why are we conditioned this way? Is it necessary to have a shoulder to lean on? Can’t a human being handle their problems alone.

I did not put the cover picture of my Facebook page as a random one.I meant each and every word of it. Books are indeed my best friends. They are my shoulders to lean on. The moment I realised the folly of sharing my worries, I reconciled with my books. Atleast they won’t tell anyone about what’s in my heart.

Why I shared this is because I wanted to suggest you to try this out and see how lighthearted you would be after this literary shedding. You can write in any language and doesn’t need to have exemplary language and vocabulary.


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