Marriage, the eternal bond

It’s said that we only marry once. But there are fortunate or unfortunate souls who had more. It’s not how many times you marry but how happy you are in a marriage that matters the most. Understanding, love, trust, fidelity, peace, freedom- There are a lot of ingredients to the recipe of marriage. The quantity of each changes in each relation and recognizing the balance is important.

Just because you failed once doesn’t mean that you will fail again. The level of perseverance you show is important. That’s what sustains a relationship the most. The problems between people need to be discussed among themselves and solved among themselves. The moment a third person interferes the real trouble starts. Unless and until it is a professional help, it is advisable not to let anyone know your problems. The above applies to the problems that arouse due to the difference in opinion but for abusive relationships, the moment you realise you are in one, seek help, preferably legal or atleast tell your family.

All the above is applicable only in hopeless cases. Where things could be solved with an open conversation, do that first. Live happily, peacefully and full of love.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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