Friends Like Family- #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

We all have friends who are like a family, which we lovingly call family friends. Some of them are more than family. Quite often the husbands will be friends, wives will be friends and kids will be friends as well. But rarely, this would not be the case, wives would be friends but husbands won’t get along and vice versa. In some cases the school and collegemates try to involve their spouses in their ‘so called’ Alumini but the spouses might not be able to digest the over the top friendships. These are not rare scenarios.

To balance between these is important. You might not like your spouse being close to their friends but as a civilized human being you ought to respect their friendship and not try to be an obstacle. The flip side is when the spouse fails to acknowledge the fact that family is family and friends not be an inevitable part of it. The thin line and balance between two assures a peaceful family life as well as everlasting friendships.

The third scenario is breaking the bro code or the sis code- hooking up with your friend’s spouse. This is the worst case scenario. The one who is betrayed is betrayed from both sides and you end up losing both. To avoid such a scenario, it is important that you don’t forget to draw a line between friends and family. Where you feel like it is being crossed you ought act irrespective of what the others think.


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