Quintessential double standard

There had been a surge of talents portraying how Hindu gods have closed their eyes and even died, and how Hindu terrorism has flourished in Kathva. The memes and cartoons were outstanding and it was surprising to see that how much talent we had. It has to be,since the Government was cited responsible for the incident.

However, none of these so called talents were visible when a girl was raped inside a Madrasa in Ghaziabad. Why? Because it was not a Hindu temple or the incident could not be used against the ruling party. The felons who rape are guilty and equally guilty are the ones who use the incident for their personal gains.

I remember seeing a cartoon which portrays Sri Krishna hanging in front of a temple while a purple dress was flying in the air. Very innovative! Why didn’t the same lady draw a picture on the similar line now? Or did they realise NOW that these incidents have nothing to do with religion? It is heartbreaking to see that double standards have grown to such an extend that ‘whatever not concerning me and my ideology is wrong and I will fiercely criticise it but if it comes to my family or my beliefs, I will turn a blind eye. ‘



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