The resolutions gone wrong

Since we started #morningcupofpositivity thread, we took several decisions. To not let anything affect us. To not use words like mad, crazy, crack etc for fun’s sake. To get rid of ego. To evict negativity. I have said that and you have read that but did we apply it successfully?


The peculiarity of every resolution is that your resolve will fight against you to make sure that you don’t achieve it and all you have to do is fight it out. Ask yourself everyday what made you lose your resolve. Ask yourself to remind you when you lose it and ask your ego to take a backseat.

So tell me, did any of the points I told you help you in anyway?

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. such a true n real life quote on resolutions. our mind n body definitely fight to spoil it but ego should barge in n put things into perspective. wonderful one.

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