Overcoming the seven year itch


We have all heard of the Seven year itch. Some of you might have seen the movie, many of you have experienced it. If you ask me, seven year itch is so true. Either it is some psychological magic or something related to cosmic energy. Whatever it may be I have been to one. Nothing was going right. I didn’t have the willpower to fight it through especially with the third one being so small at that point of time. I used to wonder if we were the same two human being who have come across all hurricanes for 15 years ( counting the time we dated each other). I had to overcome it. But how?

It is my better half who taught me how. No matter what hell of a time he had at home, he used to be unfazed which I used read as an apathy towards me. Through time I realised that it is his coping up mechanism. That’s when I decided to fight it out his way.

No matter what, don’t let anything affect you or your psyche. Consider everything as a mere passing phase. Things might seem like irreparable but through time you will be surprised to see that everything falls into place by itself. The more you remain unaffected the more it will help you overcome it.

The reason could be anything by as long as your bond remains strong and as long as you realise that the love is still there between you two everything else will be okay by itself.

All these are applicable only if you have situational issues. As mentioned before, if you are in an abusive relation or in a relation where there is no love and caring left, you need to give it a second thought. There is nothing wrong in that but don’t let a mere seven year itch affect it.

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