Everteen- The solution to those concerns that we don’t voice out. #MyFriendAlexa #scrutiny

We women have been conditioned to believe that we shouldn’t discuss everything in the open. Nowadays things have changed but still we shy away from discussing certain things. For instance dryness in the Vagina. This happens due to several reasons- pregnancy, age, menopause. Vaginal dryness is not only about the sex but it eventually gives the women a tough time with the itchy, irritated vagina.

Another issue we are reluctant of discussing is the loss of elasticity of vagina. Everteen, the ultimate solution for female intimate hygeine have come up with a wonderful solution to this problem.


The solution to all vaginal problems. This is a review post but it might look like a promotional post as I am blown away by this wonderful product.

The packaging is just like that of the Everteen menstrual cup. The sturdy storage box and the unique lid made of cardboard like material.

The container comes with a variety pump. The product has a gel like consistency and hence the pump makes sure the right amount of product is taken


  • Wash your hands and vagina with clean water. Ideally use everteen® Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash
  • You need to sit in squatting position.
  • Take one pump of everteen® Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel on your fingertip
  • Apply it inside the vagina and gently rub your fingers in circular motion
  • Use it twice daily for perfect results


The product is quite efficient. I had dryness in my vagina post partum. On using it for a few days itself, the effect was scene. The dryness in the vagina aggravates during periods. But once I started using it, there is a drastic change. To comment on the vaginal tightening, the product need to be used for quite long especially since I had three deliveries and my vaginal wall became too weak. Nonetheless, a change is evident.

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  1. I know such things are never discussed in open and women are themselves not aware about it. Thanks for picking up this topic and blogging about it. It may help quite a lot of people to gain knowledge.

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