Happines should not be a burden #SelfLove #BlogchatterA2Z

You have every right to be happy. We have been talking about how to be happy and how to love yourself. But haven’t you thought why you need to be happy. What’s wrong with being sad once in a while? Have you ever thought about enjoying your sadness? If you are into a creative profession, you would understand it. That you will be at your creative best while you are sad. Sorrow has a mysterious power to stimulate your brain to see and think that which you would never be able to, if you are happy and satisfied.

It is upto you as to how you need to perceive it. You can either deteriorate in your sadness or you can exploit your sadness for your productive best. Let your brain go to the realms that were never exploited and ignite the power of your thoughts. We have heard about people using different sorts of intoxications to be their creative best. Likewise you can use your sorrow as an intoxication. Sounds insane? Yes it is. It is an insane thought to make use of your sorrow and what’s more ironic is that once you learnt the magic whatever we have been discussing earlier would fall into place.

Dive into your sorrow and find the pearl of wisdom that lies deep inside.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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