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I am a PayPal account holder. Yesterday I got a mail which went like this


I clicked the link but it opened with a URL with a different domain. It wasn’t an HTTPS link. Hence I didn’t login but sent a mail to the PayPal people instead. I got a mail informing me that my account is perfect and the other mail was sent by some cyber frauds. The following is the body of the mail. I believe this holds true for all online wallets. Hence I share it here

Did you know that approximately 90% of all email sent worldwide falls
into the spoof, phishing, spam, and general junk category?  By
submitting reports of suspicious email to us you are helping to address
this problem.

To help you identify suspicious email, below are a few things that
PayPal will never do in an email communication:

1. Send an email to: “Undisclosed Recipients” or more than one email
2. Ask you to download a form or file to resolve an issue
3. Ask to verify an account using personal information such as name,
date of birth, driver license, or address
4. Ask to verify an account using bank account information such as bank
name, routing number, or PIN number
5. Ask to verify an account using credit card information such as credit
card number or type, expiration date, ATM PIN number, or CVV2 security
6. Ask you for your security question answers without displaying each
security question you created
7. Ask you to ship an item, pay a shipping fee, send a Western Union
Money Transfer, or provide a  tracking number before the payment
received is available in your transaction history

Any time you receive an email about activity to your PayPal account, the
safest way to confirm the validity is to login directly to the PayPal
website and review the relevant section. If you see suspicious activity,
you would do the following:

1. Open a new browser and type in “
2. Log in to your PayPal account.
3. Click “Activity” near the top of the page.
4. Click on the suspicious transaction to expand the details.
5. Click “Report this as unauthorized”
6. Complete the report process on the next screen.

It’s sophisticated to be cashless but make sure you won’t go cash less with a simple mistake. Share this to maximum people to prevent your friends from being cheated

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. I’ve opened a Paypal account just a couple of months ago. I received a kinda similar email asking that I’ve to re-authorize my bank. I doubted the source and immediately sent the email to the spam folder. Looks like this fraudulent affair is going on widely.Good that you’ve shared the experience here… thank you.

    1. I didn’t want anyone to be cheated

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