Caring yourself during lockdown #Selflove

We are living in an unprecedented situation. No-one clearly knows how to deal with this since we don’t have any clear instructions. Even after a month and more of lockdown, we are still stuck with new positive cases and even doubt a community spread of the pandemic. Now we no longer have the time and energy to think about toxic personalities in our live,to self loath, to bring any more negativity as we have enough and more in our plate.

Well, let’s put it this way. We are slowly becoming an endangered species if not dealt with. Clearly, we haven’t reached that far but we cannot say for sure that it’s an impossible situation. Because, mortality of 25k a month back has risen to two lakhs now. But today my idea is not to scare you about this impending doom or anything for that matter. Our topic has always been #SelfLove.

Staying at home brings many possibilities for you. To connect with your family, to care for yourself, to find your passion and many more.

Movies and Web Series

I can seen a frown on many faces after reading the heading. But trust me. It’s not as far fetched a method as it seems. You just need to control the hours you binge watch lest you disconnect with family than connect with them. Not always eveyone likes the same movie or webseries. You can grab your favourite book and lie beside your partner if he/ she is watching something that you don’t like. The basic idea is to connect with them. Entertainment media has this strange influence on the current generation that it could do wonders in relationships. Just make sure of proximity even if you are watching two different shows. What are earpieces for!

Quality Time

Reserve some time for your kids and play with them,dance with them, or do something crazy with them. Make sure you reserve atleast an hour if not more for your loved ones. This is the best opportunity for you to give all the love and recuperate everything that has gone south. Even if they are your teenagers, spend time with them and make sure they understand it too.

Skin care and Health care

Skin care might seem a far fetched thing to be in this post but trust me, it is important for your psyche. You can care yourself by some simple tricks. If you are a green tea person, keep the tea bag over your eyes once it is cold and feel the cooling. All hypermarkets and drugstores remain open. Hence it wouldn’t be tough to get the product for skin care. I will be sharing the skin care ideas in my next post.

Make use of the technology

It is most important you use the technology at your hand to awake the brain cells and do anything that is awakening for you and your family at large. Do some crafts with your kids, cook with your husband, discuss news with your parents, read, watch and listen.

Me time

Reserving time for yourself is something that we always take for granted. More so during lockdown since your whole family would be around you. Wake up a little early or sleep a little late ( which won’t be feasible as these days everyone has become nocturnal) and be with yourself. Giving some time for yourself can be unbelievably rejuvenating. But you need to promise yourself not to indulge in your problems, or your past or anything negative for that matter. Keep your gadgets away. Me time means you and your soul only.


Exercise is the most important during lockdown. Everyone of you might have seen the memes wherein a couple is discussing how to get out of the front door as they have gained so much weight tht they couldn’t squeeze out of the door. Without any gym, or other extra activities, chances are there that you would gain weight without realising. Exercise is not only about weightloss. It’s also about holistic development. Burn a few calories and burn off the negativities along with it. You can do anything from yoga to a few floor exercises. You could take the help of Google to see what helps or I will help in the further posts.

These are not all. These are only a few methods that could help you love yourself and stay happy and sane for that matter. Try them and let me know. Do you have any other secrets that help you love yourself?

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