Baratnatyam- The indispensable part of Omnipotent Indian Classical Dances Entry-5 #HolisticWorkout

Indian classical dnaces are inseparable from each other. The mudras, the steps, the music- everything would be differet and yet connected. When we look deeper into it we can see the common connection to our history and cultural integrity. Here we are illustrating Bharatnatyam- The South Indian Classical Dance form originated from Tami Nadu. All other Indian Classical Dance forms have the same benefits as they are inherently connected.


Maintains Balance: Bharatnatyam helps in developing and maintaining balance. Since we have the steps where we need to squat and jump in the squatting position and simultaneously turn to right and left, it gives the best exercise for our thighs and legs and also helps in maintaning balance. This is not only reserved to squating position. Standing with the one leg raised and crossed across and many more positions helps in developing the balance.

Improves stamina: The dance form need unrelenting practice to attain perfection. What more does we need to improve stamina. It gives all sorts of workouts. The stretching is effective to all body muscles and gives more benefits than any resistant band could. Fast steps give the best cardio work out.

Develops Memory and Concentration: The dance form is typical of its sequences and formations. To remember everything and reproduce them is not an easy task and thereby develops the concentration.

Weight loss: Workouts are often connected with weightloss. With so much cardio and other exercises invested into it Bharatnatyam and any Indian classical form or any dance for that matter helps in weight loss.

Calm your mind: Music has a special power of soothing your mind. While dancing to the music, your mind will be distracted from your stress and hence calms your mind.

Meditating effects: The calmness to the mind is not only due to music. The mudra prominently used in most steps where in your forefinger touches your thumb is proved to be the power house of spiritual energy. It is called chinmudra. The effect of holding chinmudra is unbelievable and it is often used in most Bharatnatyam steps.

Anti Ageing and Skin care benefits: Have you ever noticed classical dancers. They always look way younger than their age and their skin has a divine glow. Expressions are the most important for Indian Classical. While practicing them, they are giving exercises to their eyes, cheeks, eyebrows,lips and neck. The main points where our age lines appear first. With the exercise, they are always kept away from fine lines to a great extend.

Apart from all these the Indian classical forms have therapeutic effects and helps in curing several muscle related diseases, arthritis etc.


Today we have Sreelakshmi Sankar who is a trained classical dancer. Classical dance runs in her genes. She has dedicated her life to her ultimate love- Dance. She realised the omnipotence of dance when it helped her in magically recovering from an ailment that could have confined her to bed forever. She overcame it with sheer determination, hardwork and dance. What more of an example should we need to prove the power of classical dance in not only weightloss and workout, but its therapeutic power in curing physical and mental ailments.

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