Cardio Exercises- Sweat your blood and raft your spirit. Entry-3 #HolisticWorkout

Cardio, as the name suggests, is an exercise that increases your heart beat and pumps a lot of blood thereby improving your blood circulation. They are basically aerobic exercises. The rhythmic movements help in boosting your heart rate.


The benefits of doing cardio are many. Our idea of holistic workout, is best resulted in cardio. Let’s see how

Cardio-vascular benefits:- The prime advantage of doing a cardio is the effect it has on your heart. It increases heartbeat. Many doctors recommend cardio exercises to heart patients but if you have heart problems, it is not recommended to do cardio without expert help. This also helps in lowering your blood pressure.

Reduces Cholesterol Level: The cardio helps in burning the bad cholesterol and thereby keeps the choleterol problem under control.

Weight loss:- Any exercise that sweats you can never go wrong when it comes to weight loss. Cardio helps in buring your calories without weights and hours inside the gym (if you are not a gym person)

Easy Workout– Easy workout doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make any efforts. But you can burn your calories with 15 minutes cardio as well. You can do it at convenience at your home and can get the information online easily.

Regulates Blood Sugar– You might have heard and experienced diabetic patients especially the senior citizens being adviced to go for a brisk walk. The basic intention is to make them do a cardio as it helps regulate the blood sugar.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Studies have proved that cardio exercises helps in reducing stress and anxiety and even depression to a great extend. The clinical anxiety and depression needs medical attention but along with the help you take, exercises helps you in keeping your mood light.

These are many more benefits and those make cardio the most desirable form of exercise.


In the last two posts, we saw home makers who are fitness enthusiasts but that doesn’t mean only homemakers take care of fitness. Working women too are health conscious. Today we have an entrepreneur with us.

Sony Mathew is a dental surgeon who followed her passion for children’s events and is now an entrepreneur. She founded The Party Store kochi
Her love for children makes her the best in kids entertainment arena.
To keep up with the kids energies she needs to be fit and healthy herself. Here she illustrates her favourite five exercises. Lets see the video and learn more about the five exercises


She is very passionate about her workout and professionally encapsulates the importance of breathing and stretches before cardio. Let’s see the benefits of the five exercises mentioned in the video, excluding the cardiovascular benefit.

1. Jumping Jacks

Since we are simultaneously working your hands and legs, it helps in improving coordination, bone density, lung capacity, toning the musles, and developing concentration. It also improves stamina and flexibility. In short it is a whole body workout with holistic results.

2. High-stepping

It is the best lower body shaping exercise. Try to make the steps as high as possible so that the results are more. An unbelievable benefit is that it also improves bone density. It improves symmerty and balance and also strengthens leg muscles.

3. Bicycle Crunches

It works on your abdominal muscles and helps in toning your abs. It is particularly effective on your rectus abdominis and obliques. It also improves strength as well.

4. Planks

Here comes my favorite. Planks are basically strengthening exercices but since it also helps in raising your heart rate, it could be counted as a cardio as well. Additionally, we can improvise it to make it an out and out cardio. It helps in developing your posture and maintains overall balance. It improves the core strength and strengthens your arms, shoulders and biceps. Like highstepping is for lower body, planks are for upper body.

5. Superman

Superman is a variation of viparitha shalabhasana in Yoga. The exercise is the best for your back problems. It strengthens the whole body muscles. Holding the pose works on your back and abdomen, arms and shoulders, chest, legs and thighs. Upper and lower backs are the best benefitted with this exercise.

She also shows how you can relax by going into the child pose. Thus we can do a whole body workout in a few minutes with maximum benefits. Bookmark this video and follow it of you need simple yet effective workout techniques. Will come back with more #HolisticW

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