My weightloss Journey – Mistakes That I made

You always look the same. How do you maintain your weight? How did you lose all the baby fat? The question never ended. But I never felt like putting my weightloss journey out there yet. But now with the diet plan program in place, I feel it’s the best time to share this.

My weightloss journey

My Weightloss Journey

It was not easy as I was a lactating mother. But all the mass was making it tough for me to push through. It was not just about how I looked but it was about the lack of freedom.

Did I say that I was diagnosed with ADHD last month? Well, yes. Not only my kids and husband, I too have ADHD and always had, which went unnoticed.
So with all the energy around I could not bear the fact that I have to take one step at a time while climbing the stairs. I’m used to running up. The movement became a harrowing experience with the extra 20 kg I had to carry around.
From all the freedom of grabbing whatever comes to my hand, I had to check which one fits me. Who can wait so much? I just wanted to feel light and free.

So I wanted to lose weight for all such silly reasons. I knew what to do. I was not a biotechnology postgraduate for nothing. ( Shhh.. forget the fact that I did the degree out of family pressure and never liked it)

With a controlled diet and mild exercise, my weightloss journey took off and my body slowly started reacting. And then it took pace. At one point I could not stop my body weight from going down and had to literally work up the ladder to make me look healthy and not a sick sleep-deprived being. The mistake in the weightloss journey I did was to lose too much in too little time as I got super excited and overdid everything.

With Vit D deficiency, Vit C deficiency, and Vit B complex issues, ( all these were undiagnosed at that time) my body was weak. On one hand, I was happy to see the new old me. On the other, I was grappling with my deteriorating health.

Dont diet to lose weight, diet to gain health and know the difference

Mental Health that never improved

Feeling ecstatic about others’ compliments was one thing and feeling energetic was another. I was constantly fatigued and being a new born mother, the lack of sleep, rest, and happiness for that matter weighed down on me. I was going through PTSD and PPD. My son was born in the 32nd week with congenital pneumonia. When the doctor showed him to me he looked like lord Krishna, I thought. Little did I know that he was blue due to low saturation. On the third day of birth, he collapsed and was shifted to the ventilator. 8 days went by and all that I could hold on to was hope. On the eighth day, he was out of ventilator and it took another 35 days to get him back home. This trauma hit me hard passively and I did not realize it. Having a history of postpartum aggression, which again went undiagnosed, this was the last nail in the coffin. The extremely unscientific diet along with this mental health trauma was enough to push me into a pit. And the irony is that this blinder was done by a biotechnologist.


What next

Like many others in excitement to lose all the fat I overdid it and realized it quite late. And then started my Holistic Wellness Journey. I went ahead learning one after the other. Mindfulness coach, Yoga trainer, Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Chakra Healer, Ayuvedic Guru, Intermittent Fasting Coach, Food and nutrition health coach, it went on and on.

My step into the Ayurvedic lifestyle is what changed it all for me. Instead of counting my calories, I started counting my nutrients. Before all, I started knowing my body. It was before we formulated the dosha quiz. Now you can just visit our website and check the dosha and get the remedies in your mail. But when I started off there was no real pointer that I could rely on. It was a tedious task but it helped all the more. I had Vata pitta Prakriti and hence the ailments. I made a few lifestyle changes accordingly. Further, I started my mindfulness trip along with meditation and Yoga. But nothing unlocked the unrelenting power inside till I started doing Pranic Healing and later Reiki. This was the turning point in my life.

Last year Twinkl Education Publisher featured me in their International Yoga Day Blog, I retrospected my past few years. This walk down memory lane is what urged me to write about it.

Encounter with Fibromyalgia

While I was at it, I learned that I had fibromyalgia. When one doctor said that fibromyalgia is a myth, another said that it is a reality. Further, my learning took a turn to learn more about Fibromyalgia. Alas! While I was dealing with and healing my kids were diagnosed with ADHD. It was a shock and reprieve. Shock because I realized they have learning issues and reprieve because now I know how to deal with them. That’s when I did the Parenting with EFT tapping course and certification in ADHD management. This was a blessing and I decided to share it with my loved ones.

Hereafter Holistic Wellness With RJ is taking a beautiful turn with curated programs for each one of you. Finally, now it’s time to slow down and practice what I learned.

we started Holistic Wellness with RJ.

21 days wellness, Diet plans, Workout guidance, Yoga Training,6 months wellness program, One-on-one coaching sessions

This is where I wanted to be. And this is what it was meant to be. This is where my weightloss journey took me. Was it just about the weightloss? No there was more to it. It was an overall development and I realized weightloss is not just about cutting down the calories and losing fat. More about this in another post. Till then keep visiting us on Instagram. @holisticwellnesswithrj and @rakhijayashankar

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. This is such an inspiring weight control journey, Rakhi. I liked how your holistic healthcare and wellness programme is based mainly on Ayurveda. Would love to get some tips from you through your blog.

  2. Ayurveda backed holistic wellness journey sounds like a great weight management option. I’ll pass your article on to my DIL. She’s looking for such weight control programme. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the fact that you take the problem with a positive approach and work towards the problem by learning about it. With so many certifications and knowledge you are surely experienced to share about the holistic development that can lead a life in a happy way.

  4. I am sure with your certifications and experience you offer good holistic approach for weight loss. Pl. share some tips with us too.

  5. I am so happy to read about your inspiring journey and congratulations on getting certified. Would love to get tips from you!!

  6. Weightloss is one thing that definately needs motivation. And your journey is so motivational. I have been on this path for a long now. But don’t see much difference. Would love to discuss this further with you.

  7. You got me at “weight loss is not just about cutting down the calories and losing fat.” It’s way beyond it. Congratulations to you. Your hard work paid off.

  8. That’s truly commendable! Making your personal goal a passion and then converting same into an area of expertise is something that paves out the best plans for the future. Truly inspiring.

  9. I feel there are so many weightloss stories that it becomes difficult to find the correct one. So I feel until you’re active and focusing on your health you can do whichever exercise you like.

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