Customize your gift hamper with fun unique and quirky gifts from bigsmall.In

India is a land of festivals. From Dussehra to Diwali, From Eid to Christmas From Valentine’s Day to Raksha Bandhan, we celebrate everything. While the fun and frolic never ends, we also indulge in a splurge on gifts for our loved ones. The search engines hit the roof with the search for gift ideas, DIYs, and more! Of late gift hamper has become a rage for the sheer richness and ease of packing and keeping. While I was looking for gifts, I stumbled upon I couldn’t help myself from grabbing a few items and customizing my own gift hamper. Let’s have a look at some of the items that I got from the website.

Gift hamper from

I was overwhelmed with the uniqueness of the gift ideas that we could get from the website. Decorative lamps, hampers, personalized fridge magnets, it was a world of fantasy. It was not easy to pick one from these but I curated my gift hamper with the following items.

Gift hamper from

1. Grey Baby Monk Lamp

It is a cute little compact lamp. A tiny baby monk figurine with a grey cap is the cute attraction of the product. It has a curved lampstand with a tiny bulb that can be turned on by pressing it.

Git hamper - Baby monk lamp

This cute little lamp is my stress buster. Looking at the light and this cute little monk is a beautiful experience in itself.

2. Blue Glazed buddha planter

When I received this blue glazed Buddha planter, I couldn’t think twice. Immediately I had to get going with the gardening work and here it is. My cute little plant with a cuter planter.

The color and texture are exactly like we see in the image. I did not add a color tone or edit the image so that you could see this in the exactly same look.

3. DIY Masala Chai Kettle and cups

The DIY set was taken with my kids in mind and as expected , they started off with their creative trip.

Gift hamper - Masala Chai set

The tea pot looks a little twisted because my kids were literally fighting with each other to claim ownership. It was a fun experience to keep the kids engaged and we ended up having a set of curios. In addition, there were so many items available. For Diwali, they have a whole set of DIY Curtain LED Lights.

I had my gift hamper with so many unique items that will surely entice my loved ones. Likewise, you can also buy unique, quirky items. Check out

8 thoughts on “Customize your gift hamper with fun unique and quirky gifts from bigsmall.In”

  1. Wow I loved all the items in your gift hamper. they are looking cute and elegant both. will check out to explore more about it from my side. thanks dear for sharing your experience with us.

  2. There is only one word to describe all these gifts, “cute,” I especially like the Baby Monk Lamp, the best, and I am sure whoever is the recipient of such gifts would be really happy.

  3. Your gift hamper contained some really cute and elegant items, especially the Grey Baby Monk Lamp. Shall check out the site to explore more about the products available and create my own gift hamper.

  4. Great gift ideas! This would surely be handy as Christmas comes near. We’re about to start our Christmas shopping (to avoid the crowd). Will keep this in mind!

  5. Thank you so much for introducing the website to me. I was in look out to such a similar place for buying return gifts for my son’s birthday. The cute monk lamp looks so good for that. Checking their website soon.

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