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So we have seen he pregnancy tests last time. Now, the sickness. Pregnancy is synonymous to morning sickness. Get up in the morning brush your teeth ‘Thup’. Drink Tea, coffee or milk, Thup. Eat something cook something, smell something Thup, Thup, thup. There can be several reasons behind this like increased hormonal level, decreased blood sugar etc. Level and type of sickness can be different for different pregnancies. In most cases, vomiting stops by the fourth or fifth month, which makes me feel that BETA HcG is the reason behind this.

Minor sickness can be ignored and cured with home remedies. Having lime water helps sometimes. Fry cumin seeds and boil water putting these fried seeds. This helps in some cases. Smelling lemon helps some ladies. Put a kalimirch in your  But these are all relative. Sickness during pregnancy is a tricky thing. We never know what helps for each person. If you feel that you are dehydrated, do consult your Gyn.

I had severe headache during the first trimester. As mentioned before I had no idea that I was pregnant and took medications for migraine. Thankfully nothing dangerous happened to the baby even if migraine medicines are not advisable during pregnancy.

It is said that we shouldn’t reveal the news of pregnancy to anyone till 3 months. This is because first three months, chances of miscarriage are more. If you find unusual spotting do consult a Gyn.

That’s all for today guys. See ya next week

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