Berry Tree Boys Tees

I had shared the unboxing video of my boys Tees by Berry Tree. Yes the video that was never finished. Let’s finally see the products and she’s how it is.

I had mentioned in my earlier blog post about the Organic Clothes by Berry Tree. Let’s have a closer look.


Berry tree sent me two T shirts for my boys of age 6.5 and 4. Both Ts looking stunning and classy. The colors were adorable. The orange T with the blue collar especially stole my heart.


The fit is impeccable. The shoulders were perfect and so were the lengths. Overall the Tees looked as if I bought the after trying them.

Material Quality

The quality of the material is the USP of the product. Since it is organic cotton, the shirt we’re breathable and comfortable. The close picture given above shows how breathable and durable the material is.

Color Bleeding

I was procrastinating the review as I wanted to see how the shirts would be after a wash. Lo and behold, despite the colors being so bright, not even a tinge of it bled into the water. The Tee looked exactly the same after wash.

I’m mind blown with this product. There is not a single flaw I could point out.

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