A Platform To Share Your Creative Writings, Pain, Emotions, And More Thoughts

Have you ever thought if there was a space where you could share your experiences without the fear of judgment? We have been contemplating this idea for years and finally, we are here with our Wellness Community for you. You can share your creative writings, pain, emotions, and more thoughts.

Share your creative writings

How to Share Your Creative Writings, Pain, Emotions, and More Thoughts?

1. Anonymously

If you are going through a traumatic situation and want to share it with the world without revealing your identity, you can register with us using your pen name.

Share your creative writings - anonymously

2. Share your stories, poems

Share your creative talent with us. It could be your poem, story, or any fictional or imaginative writings. Once we have ample good quality entries, we will be collating them and adapting them into an ebook.

3. Relationship posts

Do you have any relationship advice to share? Do you have any relationship issues to address? You can do so with or without revealing your name.

4. Self-love

You know we have been promoting self-love and living with positivity always. If you have any self-love experiences to share, here we are with you. Share your posts through the submit your post link.

5. Social issues

Being a socially committed person, if your wish to openly voice out your opinion about current affairs or any social issues, this is your platform.

Care to share

Share your creative writings - care to share

Care to share is the section where you can see your entries. To add to this, we are coming up with several initiatives for promoting your blogs along with ours. We are also sharing happy news. As a new initiative to enable you to begin the new year on the most positive note, we have started #countdownto2020 along with Health studio by Divya. Check out the Instagram pages of holisticwellnesswithrj and nutrifit_healthstudio and DM us to join the group.

Rakhi Jayashankar

About Rakhi Jayashankar

Blogger, Holistic Wellness Coach, Social Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Healer


  1. Wow awesome initiative Rakhi. I loved all the section. you are giving an amazing opportunity to bloggers to share their point view on various topics and expand their network too.

  2. That’s wonderful Rakhi. We all need some kind of outlet and by giving the option of sharing it anonymously, I am sure many will open up.

  3. I think I will take you up on this sometime soon.There has been so much happening in my life but I cannot put it on my name

  4. Well said…. I know about the Platform To Share Your Creative Writings, Pain, Emotions, And More Thoughts. I am glad you have metioned and nice information post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think this is a very good idea. A forum to share your thoughts and emotions. It would be really helpful for many.

    1. What an amazing initiative. A wellness community is the need of the hour. It’s wonderful that you are providing space to share insights and experiences. Kudos!

  6. This is a great idea to invite those who wish to write but don’t want the baggage of owning a blog. I like this idea so much, and also shared among my peers.

  7. This is incredible… All of the sections are fantastic. There is so much going on in everyone’s life, but few people dare to share or talk about it. I’m hoping they’ll open up now. I’ll say it again: great initiative on your part.

  8. This is the best segment of your Blog as you have given people the space to share their problems and views without even sharing their Identity. God bless you dear.

  9. Kudos for this initiative. It sounds like an excellent platform. Many of us want to express ourselves and are unable to do so for various reasons. But having this forum would prove so helpful for introverts and shy ones.

  10. Wow this is a great initiative. This will so many bloggers and other people to express their views. Keep it up. Amazing work.

    1. This is a great opportunity for all the people who wish to share their writings. You guys are doing some really amazing work.

  11. I love the initiative here. A lot of people look for ways to share what they’re going through and how. They came out in an anonymous manner. This would be a great platform

  12. I really agree with this. Blogging isn’t just an additional source of income for many but somehow a place to connect with people who you really couldn’t reach in real life. With the use of the innovation of technology, people are able to share whatever their heart desires to more audience who get to understand them more and have like mindsets. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Make sure to do your Self-Care daily!😉www.mommywithagoal.com

  13. Sometimes it is the expression that takes away lot of stress and burden from mind and soul. This is a great initiative for all who look for a platform to do so. Good luck with it.

  14. Wow let me know if I can be a part of this collated stories. Would love to write something of a particular topic according to your theme.

  15. That’s a great initiative and best of luck for the same. Great that you are giving a platform to others to express their feelings!

  16. Wonderful initiative by you Rakhi. I am sure many people including me look for such platform at some given point of time. Would love to contribute for this.

  17. This is indeed a much needed initiative Rakhi. Such a platform is required for all. All the best for its success.

  18. Wow this is an awesome post and much needed for all we sometime do need to vent out things without letting anyone know..great platform.

  19. As a life coach I feel this is an amazing initiative by you Rakhi. Please do let me know if you feel I can be a part of it. Kudos to you.

    1. Sure you can. It is an open platform. I would love to have you here

  20. Wounderful initiative Rakhi dii. All the sections are nice . This will really motivate and will provide platform to all.

  21. After reading this article, I am thinking about start doing this anonymously.

  22. This is something great idea. Sharing anonymously would be extremely beneficial for introverts and shy people. It’s brilliant that you’re providing a forum for others to express themselves!

  23. This is such a thoughtful idea. I often come across clients who have a lot to pen down but often want to do so anonymously. I shall share your platform with them for sure. Getting a platform to pen your thoughts and voice you opinion is something unique.

  24. A much needed initiative that would enable people to share on a platform. And I love that it can be anonymous as well.

  25. These are really great ideas and I agree that it is so right to use the platform to share the thoughts and be creative rather than just use it for making money. I use my blog for talking a lot of things including what is happening about my life.

  26. You guys are doing some amazing work by providing a platform for budding writers. They have various ways to contribute.

  27. Wow . This is a wonderful initiative. Love the fact that one can share his or her feeling anonymously too. best wishes for this platform.

  28. This is a very good initiative taken up and a good opportunity for people to pen their thoughts and share it with all. What I liked is the anonymous option as well to share ones story which can help people open up. Good luck with this platform.

  29. I love the idea of a Wellness Community where one can share creative writings, pain, emotions, and more thoughts. I’d love to explore this platform.

  30. This is wonderful, a win-win for both parties. Those who wish to write sans administrating a blog, and for the organizer too. I have shared the same in my peers too, good luck for this initiative.

  31. Care to share seems like a wonderful place to share creative writings. The community will be a perfect set-up to share thoughts and opinions. I am sure going to check out the community.

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