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5 Tips About How To Take Care Of Mental Health During Lockdown

Mental health often remains an invisible entity in our lives until we experience any kind of mental health issues or something unusual happens with our minds. Depression could be considered a common means of sadness, anxiety could be treated as hypertension, and stress is simply taken for granted with the excuse that there might be increased working hours for the overload of scheduled jobs. Meanwhile, we tend to ignore that something is changing simultaneously in our lives. This is mainly happening because of the circumstances we are witnessing for the first time. So have you wondered how to take care of mental health?

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How to take care of your mental health?

The pandemic situation has left a huge impact on mental health instability, mainly due to the lockdown phase. People needed to stay indoors for most of the day and this started affecting their mental health. Research has found that during the last year, the number of mental health issues cases has rapidly increased and it still continues, making the scenario more complicated. As there happened a great shift in the daily life routine and the lifestyle has completely changed for the lockdown restrictions, people are becoming more stressed and they are getting bored of being locked in for an uncertain period.

Most of people become anxious hearing the news and updates and it’s quite obvious to feel worried for our near ones. But the scenario is becoming worse with each passing day and a wave of uncertainty is engulfing the world. But, this pandemic situation has been an eye-opener to the world that mental health is an inevitable part of our lives and for this reason, we should always prioritize our mental health first. It’s said that there is always a ray of hope amidst the darkness. During this lockdown phase, are you facing mental health instability? There is still hope for recovering this state of mind by following some easy tips and tricks about how to take care of mental health.

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Here are some of the things that make you feel good after doing the tasks

Stay connected

Maybe this time, we all are sailing in the same boat. We can’t get outside of the home and communicate with people. But there is still another way to stay connected with your loved ones. You can contact them over call, write e-mails or virtual letters to them, converse with them over virtual meetings, and many more. The main aim is to get in touch with your near

ones in this lockdown phase. Staying connected with them will make you feel better and you will find peace of mind.

Take care of your family

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to ask the whereabouts of our dear ones. Due to the work pressure, we can’t give them the time and attention that they truly deserve. This time, you need to stay closer to your family members as they need help and support just the way you need it. Spend more time with them and ask them if they want to share something with you. Play with kids and assist the old ones in your family. Be patient and cautious at the same time. Sometimes, showing concern could make them feel better and acknowledged. Talk to them and be with them as much as possible.

Spend some quality time with yourself

In the rush of life, we often forget to take pause and ponder upon our own beliefs. This time, you need to take a momentary escape from the busy schedule of life and then you need to pause, breathe, and blissfully heal yourself so that amidst the chaos around, you will be able to find calm from within. Exercise and meditate regularly to get connected with your inner self. Write a gratitude journal and count your blessings every day. These are some of the self-care practices that could give you the ultimate peace of mind.

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Nurture plants

The color green has a soothing effect on our minds. Therefore, whenever you feel stressed or anxious, or depressed if you come to your plants and nurture them with care, you will find peace of mind that stays with you for a long.

Spread empathy and kindness

Remember that in this phase, all the world is facing the same from both outside and inside. This time all we need is peace and being empathetic towards the people in distress and this could make you feel a precious part of the world. This time all of us search for a gentle touch of compassion and a tender heart of empathy. A small act of kindness can do wonders and bring happiness to someone’s life. Bring smiles to the faces of the deprived ones and be their listening ears. Stretch your hands to help someone in need, and be empathetic towards them. Be kind.

This way, you get an answer to the unending question of how to take care of mental health in this pandemic situation. Whatever the circumstances, you will find some peace of mind. Being compassionate towards yourself and taking care of yourself should be the first priority for all of us. This not only helps to maintain peace of mind but also helps to improve your bonding with yourself and this will eventually help you to be safe and sane during the lockdown period.

Prioritize your mental health and if you need some kind of professional consultation, you can seek help from the experts. Remember that there is always someone who can bring you out of the despair and guide you toward bliss.

Swarnali is a blogger, author, podcast host, and founder of The Peace Stories Initiative. 


  1. yes our mental health need extra care during this hard days of pandemic. you have shared great tips to take care of our mental health in this post. stay connected and taking out some quality time for yourself can help a lot in reducing mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

  2. Very well said Swarnali.But I realised that there is a major difference in theory and practice.

  3. These are just so important and required more than before. Love the tips and tricks mentioned. Will definitely some of these

  4. Lockdowns have been taking their toll for the last couple of years. The mind needs to adapt to them, and these are excellent tips to take care of ones’ mental health. Keeping engaged is the key to staying calm and sane.

  5. In order to handle our mental health, first thing is to talk about it. Not everyone is comfortable in opening up about their problems. Finding your tribe is very important.

  6. Swarnali is a wonderful and warm person and as always has given some simple and practical pointers for good mental health. Good communication is the key.

  7. I am so glad that people are talking about mental health at various platforms. I agree with all the suggestions and yes self care and self love can help you overcome any kinds of mental health disorder. Great post.

  8. Being compassionate towards yourself and taking care of yourself shouldn’t send a person on a guilt trip. You have said all that was going on in my mind. Well written.

  9. I have been myself promoting mental health Rakhi for a long while now. Lockdown has impacted the mental health most in all age groups. The most important is to not keep the emotions bottled inside. We need to talk it out and stay connected.

  10. Very true . We need to take care of our mental health to overcome this lockdown trauma for sure. Your pointers are so practical to look after.

  11. The pandemic is rearing its ugly head again and you offer some great insights to stay sane. Taking care of mental health tops my list of priorities during this third wave.

  12. The pandemic has taken mental health of most people on toss. The tips are practical and can help people heal them.

  13. Thanks for this gentle reminder buddy, so needed to hear his dear. Really loved your thorough post on a v vital subject

  14. Mental health is something we should not ignore and talk if we have an issue for the same. Happy that you have shared these tips to stay mentally fit.

  15. It is so important to take care of mental health at all times, especially during lock down. I always make sure I do some exercises and have a long shower to help me calm and relax. These are really good pointers to keep oneself mentally healthy.

  16. You have penned down a few good points. Yes! Mental health is a necessity. I have also mentioned this in my book “the essence of motherhood”.

  17. At this pandemic time, the points which you have shared is very important to take care of. We all need to be in touch with our families and support each other. Very nice post

  18. Your tips for taking care of one’s mental health are very relevant, especially in light of the fact that we are heading for another nationwide lockdown.

  19. Last year, we had witnessed closely how mental health if not taken care of can even take someone’s life. The pandemic has challenged the mental health of all age groups. Swarnali has brought out some simple yet practical ways to keep us engaged in a positive way.

  20. Swarnali has an upper hand when she writes about mental health topics. And this post has all the doable tips that can help any person to copeup the mental health problems and self care is utmost important.

  21. The first two lockdowns were really bad with so much to do. House work, professional work, kids, cooking – it was a huge task for everyone. I am hoping this third wave will not throw such a lockdown and related mental health scare!!

  22. Taking care of one’s mental wellbeing is very important and needs to ve spoken and discussed too. I managed to sail through by taking time out fot myself by reading or simply Netflixing.

  23. One thing I have learned during the last 2 years is to prioritise health over anything especially mental health which gets ignored the most. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  24. Communication and sharing always help. It is rightly mentioned that we need to stay connected with the outside world and ourselves too.

  25. Thank you so much Rakhi for selecting my contribution. Grateful to you. Thank you friends for loving my article. Much gratitude 😇

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