The Ultimate Peace of Mind Quote That I Live By

We are living in a fast-moving and competitive world where living in peace would be a luxury for many. The surge of social media and the unprecedented upsurge of screentime has considerably reduced the eye-to-eye contact between couples and families at large. Result! Dissatisfaction, sadness, and the feeling of nothingness. This is what I have been going through for a while, The feeling of having nothing when you have everything. The feeling of not knowing what I want and would give me happiness. My venturing into Holistic wellness was to find an answer to this dilemma. Months of pursuance later, I identified my source of peace and happiness and have started my baby steps into it. I formulated my own ultimate peace of mind quote which I follow diligently and live by without fail.

Being happy

My ultimate peace of mind quote

So, I was trying to figure out my triggers. There were too many but identifying them was my first step of success. Now I have to eliminate my trigger and identify that which pushes me through. That was my mantra of peace. My own peace of mind quote.

Morning coffee, soothing music, sweet nothings with kids, yoga, meditation, my lavender oil, movie time with my partner, reading, writing to the soul’s satisfaction, watching the beauty of nature – I found my source of peace in silliest things and I learned that it is so easy to be happy.

These are my powerhouses.

Morning coffee

Peace of mind quote - Morning coffee

Coffee and caffeine have always been blamed for spoiled sleep, deteriorating energy, hyper activeness in kids. But of late even scientists are in two minds about the authenticity of these findings. Let me tell you my experience. When I was attending the Health Coach certification course, I was apprehensive about whether I would be able to live up to it as my belief that certain food items that were blamed to be bad, were indeed good, would receive a setback. But SURPRISE! The academy where I took certification from, strongly believed in what others don’t believe. Surprisingly, for me, they concurred with my belief that coconut oil is not bad for health. Likewise, coffee is also not to blame.

I have been regularly having sugarless black coffee for two years and the level of calmness that it gave me is unbelievable

Don’t ask me the reason. Because genuinely I don’t know nor do the scores of scientists around the world.

Music Therapy

Music is therapeutic. There is no argument but the kind of music that could give you peace could be different. Know what gives you immense happiness and choose the music that goes with it. For me, it is the slokas and mantras. It could be some soothing music or rock music or folks songs. Listening to what you like is indeed therapy.

Quality time with kids

I am not someone who falls under the “perfect mother” category. I don’t create specific activities, educational or entertainment. Well, with three kids of 2-3 years age difference the need for quality time with mother is menial, or so I believe, Nonetheless, I have my time with my kids when I play ‘stone, paper, scissors, watch Blackpink videos’ or any such seemingly stupid activities for I am a mother who has not grown beyond a teenager when it comes to my kids. I fight with them for ice creams too!

My quality time with kids are punctuated by the silly games and not the quality that you might visualise

But yours could be different and I respect that just like you would mine. And thus, this silly time becomes a part of my therapy and becomes an important part of my peace of mind quote.

Yoga and meditation

Being a certified Yoga instructor and a Yoga enthusiast, Yoga is my definition of prayer. I don’t do it for weight loss. My Yoga journey is the extension of my Holistic Wellness journey. While I hold each poses I have a vision that I hold strong in mind. Amidst the ruckus created by kids, I created a mansion of peace. While meditating I used to alternate ‘Om Chanting’ and the Buddhist chant ‘Nam Yoho Renge Kyo’. If you don’t want the religious connotation, you can chat ‘aaaa’ as in Hindi ‘oooooh’ and ‘maaaa’ which resonates the same way. Meditation is naturally a part of any peace of mind quote that you come across for the amount of calmness that it provides.

Lavender oil

You might have seen the funny Whatsapp where a mother is lying down on a bed of lavender to relieve her stress. Jokes apart, lavender indeed has therapeutic power. Aromatherapy being an inherent part of my wellness sessions, I am applying this myself in my life. I put one or two drops of lavender essential oil in my body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and everything.

If you want to try this yourself, the buying link is given above or if you have a brand preference, you can buy the Juicy Chemistry Lavender Oil from Woovly and avail 25% discount by using the code RAKHI 25.

Movie/ webseries time with my partner

Peace of mind quotes - Movie time

If Netflix and Prime video have spoiled relations and aggravated the screen time, it has brought me closer to my husband. We watched numerous movies and web series together. When our tastes don’t match, I would sit with him reading while he would watch. Whatsoever the one hour of proximity was never compromised and it worked wonders in our relationship and my peace and wellness. I had written about this earlier in my post How to overcome libido postpartum.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing were reserved to the last part of my peace of mind quote but the therapeutic effect they have on me is primary. I can ignore everything to read and write and still be happy. When my reading and writing took a back seat, unknowingly I was falling into a pit of despair. Slowly I got back into my writing and believe that I would be able to pursue it consistently.

Nature therapy

Nature therapy

Nature has an unfathomable influence on my mind. Maybe because of growing up amidst the greenery, I never realized how special it was and how lucky I was to have the ultimate peace mantra around me, day in day out. The moment I realized it, I started indulging in the green bed of happiness and the colorful butterflies and musical birds that adorn our lives.

All these are more contributed to my wellness journey. It doesn’t mean that I never felt angry or sad. I did but whenever I felt so, I knew in my heart that it is not permanent. Living by my own ultimate peace of mind quote has redefined my journey of life and in turn, changed my family as well. More on it coming soon.

30 thoughts on “The Ultimate Peace of Mind Quote That I Live By”

  1. I feel whatever we do or follow, we should be happy about it . Then only we can experience the calmness. To me, writing, morning walks, exercising and doing my S stroke gives me calmness.

  2. Life is beautiful and we should accept it the way it comes as everything cannot be as per our wish in life. being happy is an art and we all should learn it. My morning start when I look at my husband’s peaceful sleeping face followed by a warm cup of tea……. rest the day continues

  3. I too believe lavender oil does distress the mind. sometimes when I get stressed out due to work pressure, I just take some time out and play with my daughter. It is so relaxing.

  4. I loved your list Rakhi and I follow most of these activities in my daily routine. yoga or walk, music and spending time with kids are something that take away my stress and make me feel rejuvenated again to complete other routine responsibilities.

  5. The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day. My day starts with half an hour me time with a cup of tea, rest the day continues.

  6. To me walking with my hubby, writing, reading, soothing music and play with my kids thats make me happy…. but my morning like hurry berry in kitchen, i didn’t get time to listening, reading etc. I lost myself… i don’t know when i found it!!!!

  7. missnoveladdict

    Thanks for sharing this. During covid I had felt so low like I was slowing falling into a pit of depression. Then I started reading and I entered a magical world. My happiness is my books. When I look at my books and feel their pages I get such an unexplainable pleasure

  8. Life is short, live to the fullest… Find Happiness in small things and smiling faces is my mantra of being happy. Sound sleep and stress free life gives you inner glow.

  9. I have seen your reels on the same..it is a motivational reels and after reading your content left me so calm ..it’s actually our inner peace Rakhi. Small things can really give us perfect happiness.

  10. You are so right, we all need to find our own mantra for inner peace…find what is it that works for us. Writing indeed has brought me a lot of peace too….and music as well.

  11. Absolutely love the key points you’ve given! I myself am an advocate of self-care and I think we can work together in spreading this message to more! Hope to work with you someday!

  12. This is so amazing post and well writing article. I really read to love about The Ultimate Peace of Mind Quote . This is very important life and paece. And keep thinking postive happy. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Out of the things you have listed above I relate the most with the time we spend with kids, even I don’t do anything special for the kids but just love to spend idle time doing what they like. we should just find happiness in whatever way possible to leave a peaceful life.

  14. This is a great post, I love to read a positive post that inspires us. I can’t deny there are times when I feel upset and low. And I do a few of the things which you have mentioned above. This is true the things which make us feel good from inside we should do it in our life.

  15. Wow Rakhi, this is so amazing post and well writing article. I am glad you shared that The Ultimate Peace of Mind Quote That We Live . Life is important peace. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a great post I could relate too..off lately I am getting too anxious. I try to keep busy but guess I need to do the things I like and make me happy. A few tips I have gathered for sure

  17. Rakhi, the list of things are perfect for all to follow , music and playing with the kids is my stress buster and having a masala chai with fav namkeen open up my mind. Shall try sugar free coffee too.

  18. I go for a morning walk regularly and it’s such a stress buster. Love the lavender oil tip, shall check the brand.

  19. This is such a beautiful post. Love your contents so much, Rakhi di. The things that you’ve listed down are really helpful and stress buster.

  20. Identifying our triggers, that help us to calm down and relax is totally magic. And if we can bring them in our routine it’s a total win win situation. Glad you shared this post. Loved it

  21. In those past days or months you can say taught me to live for present and not think for future more. Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Just live the moment,be happy with the small small things you own and be grateful to universe . That’s all

  22. Very valid points you have shared. I too believe in self care and giving time to myself. Also I like to lit a lot of candles in the evening to bring the positive vibes and calmess around the house.

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