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Human brain is wired to believe that being happy is the ultimate aim of life. Further the definition of happiness varies from one person to other. However attaining what they need has been the prerequisite for a happy life. But have you ever viewed it with a different perspective as to something like health. To develop health, we change diet, to develop fitness we start exercise. Likewise to develop happiness, we have to exercise happiness for happiness is a muscle. Vivek Bhargava – Author, Entrepreneur and Investor – shares a framework of actions and beliefs that result in a practical guide to becoming happier. The course is brought to you by U school – a complete guide to becoming a better you. Before we delve further, let us see why we need a course on happiness.

u school execise happiness

How to be happy every time

Mood swings – It is probably the most common term used by the Millenials. Irrespective of age, we use it within and out of context. Despite the situations in our life, we need to be happy. Sadness and anger have been underplayed or probably overplayed by us as two negative traits which humans should never feel. We forget the truth that these are human emotions, and as humans, we are naturally supposed to feel them. But, we want to know how to be happy every time. Why?

  1. Happiness is overhyped
  2. Need for instant gratification
  3. Social media influence
  4. Misguiding self-help books and videos

These are some of the numerous reasons why we are sold on the thought that being happy always is what we need. It gives us a feeling that by doing some gimmicks, we can immediately start feeling happy and content. However, only a minority provides us with a reality check. Being happy is a slow and steady process to attain by exercising happiness.

Happiness is a muscle

Happiness is a muscle is a comprehensive approach to enable the clients in identifying how to be happy and step-by-step processes that enable them to develop the capability to remain happy. It starts with identifying your level of happiness. From identifying your level of happiness, the definition of being happy, trust, karma, and gratitude. The author will take us through everything that will incite introspection and retrospection.

The author categorically states the importance of sadness and pain to feel happiness in full throttle. In the pandemic era, the analysis of happiness and the course at large are all the more relevant because in the past two years we have witnessed variations in relations, occupations, lifestyles, and economics. Hence bridging the gap when life goes back offline is also important. As an extension to Happiness is a muscle U school is coming up with yet another course.

Disrupted education building gap

This is an online parenting course for those with school-going children by Lamia Bagasrawala – Psychotherapist, Independent Researcher, and Education Facilitator. The course is primarily designed for parents in understanding the issue their children might face when they are transitioning from online to offline.

Two years of social isolation have a far-reaching effect on every child’s psyche. While some get back to normal easily, others succumb to the stress, which might go unnoticed. This is where the course comes into the picture. It helps us identify the early signs and seek medical help early on.

Being happy is or not is up to us. But how to empower you into identifying how to is up to u school.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. You have presented a different perspective of health and its connection with happiness. Indeed happiness triggers a sense of well-being which in turn results in wellness of the body, mind, and soul.

  2. A very well written article. Expressing gratitude for the good things in our life, being grateful for the things we have can change our life helps replace negative thoughts with positive self-talk.

  3. That’s amazing, they’re doing an amazing work. Transition from online to offline is not going to be same for every child. This initiative will help alot. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Happiness is something that we create from within and is not what we expect from others.i totally agree that the transition from the being at home for two years has played a major role. U school seems promising

    1. That is really amazing. They are doing awesome job. You brought of a new prospective out of this. Thanks for that.

  5. Happiness is subjective but on a broader level people do try to find it from hollow ways like social media and instant gratification. I believe that it’s a state of mind and something you live with.

  6. I am very much impressed that Lamia Bagasrawala has introduced this course about disrupted education that helps children and parents transition from the online mode of education to offline mode smoothly.

  7. Happiness is defined differently by different people. It all boil down to what makes us happy. And if we are satisfied with that definition or means of happiness. Our goal should be make that happiness long lasting.

  8. The course you have suggested can be extremely useful in recent era when most of the population suffering from mental health issues due to pandemic stress. happiness is a subjective but we can trained ourselves to be happy and cultivate more positive emotions in our day to day life.

    1. This is an innovative idea and good to know that people do acknowledge that the transition is difficult. Would love to spread word around the same. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Being happy is the state of mind and yes we need to practise it . You are right that in the era of instant gratification one need to learn the art of patience. This course seems to come up at the right time when people are struggling to understand their change in behaviour.

  10. Being happy is a state of calm mind, you feel and see good in everything. But these day People are not happy from inside due to unrealistic expectations which causes mood swings. Very nicely written blog, very helpful.

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