My first attempt of #BlogchatterA-ZChallenge starts today.

Since the theme is Family, everything that I write about would be invariably related to my family. For a family life to be happy and peaceful , it is important to know the alphabets. Alphabets of understanding, love, and trust.

Speaking of these three the faces of two lovers or spouses come to our mind. Why is it so? Why is understanding and trust reserved to lovers. Why not parents, grandparents or other relatives in our family.

Being someone who has witnessed two families fall apart in the name of mere ego and misunderstanding and the same history repeat in the next generation, I ought to write about the alphabets of understanding between the members of the family. This need not be immediate family members. It could be the extended family as well.

We have seen relations fall apart and the reasons we hear are as silly as ” She didn’t attend my birthday party”, ” He wished her child, not mine”, “She didn’t pick up my child first”, ” he didn’t message me personally” so on and so forth. If we read it as a blog post we will understand that it is as silly as it sounds but if we retrospect, we will realise that at some point of time, we all have been a part of this ego trip atleast once in our life.

Why is it imperative that the other person should be the first one to take the first step to reconciliation? Why don’t we take that first step and be the bigger person. You can nourish your ego thinking that you are better since you decided to let go.

If you have been in a tough situation with any of your family members and have reconciled with them, you know how liberating it is to hug them and squeeze out the remaining grudges if any and laugh out at the folly of doing “you did, I did” drama.

But make sure you do it with the folks who respect what you do to keep the relation going. Some exceptions would be there, who come under the toxic personalities who are the eternal too good to be true victims. Stay away from them. The less importance you give them the better because no relation is above your self esteem.

You have the discretion to distinguish both. Use it and stay happy.

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