The beginning of a saga

1531725637901.jpg Birthdays  important for everyone. As kids we wait for our birthdays so that we could be the center of attraction and moreover get lovely gifts. Once we grow older, birthdays are all about waiting for friends’ wishes and birthday cards. Once we grow older, we look forward to cake cuttings in offices or surprises from our lovers/husbands. Next stage of our lives is celebrating our kids’ birthdays on a bigger or smaller scale and we end up forgetting ours. However birthdays are reminders of a beginning of a new life, new dreams, new happiness. Now social media has influenced us so much that we wish our parents, spouses and kids on their birthdays through social media and tell them how much they mean to us on this public platforms. Instead give them the time you spent in front of the screen, hug them and tell them looking into their eyes how much they mean to you.


Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. Indeed, whilst social media does have its positives connecting people far and wide, it’s also incites some amount of narcissism which at times kills the real purpose of it. People are so full of themselves nowadays, that I feel social media has done more to damage human interactions.

    I for one, being an introvert, do enjoy the comfort it allows to communicate though.

    Good read Rakhi. Thanks. 🍰

  2. That’s true that helps to curb some inhibitions but when if become nothing but bragging about our daily life, it’s irritating.
    If we maintain a phone-life balance it would be good.

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