Follow the signs: Don’t be an emotional fool.

Have you ever wondered  “How I trusted that person!”. Have you ever regretted not trusting your instincts about someone? Have ever thought of repenting for the mistake of ignoring your loved ones’ warning about someone! I’m sure you would have, at some point of time. This might have happened in a relationship, friendship, or any such relations wherein we blindly trusted someone ignoring the signs that call out so loud. We immerse our head inside the humongous lies like an Ostrich and fail to see the reality that was there all along. We call ourselves emotional fools and spend the rest of our lives repenting it.


What we need to understand is that, being an emotional fool doesn’t make you weak. It proves that you can love someone strongly. Love and trust is your strength and if someone use it to break you, it proves that how weak they are. They have nothing of their own and they are using what you have. It is like mugging someone. But Love and trust is not something that someone can steal from you.  The more they try to feed on it, the weaker they become. What you should understand is that you should not let your guard down. They are doing this to you because you are richer at different level. I am not talking of the monetary terms.

So if someone is trying to feed on your love and trust, identify the signals, listen to your loved ones and still if you fail, don’t spend the rest of your life regretting it. Understand that you are being the strongest, richest and the purest. Understand your worth, keep your head high and be proud of what you are. You were used not because you were bad but because others were evil to use your naivety and sincerity.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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