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In the last post Be yourself and Fight For Your Selfworth , we saw about how important it is to be yourself and not care for the society. To change your perspective is easy but implementing the same is as difficult. There would be too many roadblocks once you decide to face it heads on. The prime allegation be “He/she was never like this. This sudden changes is arrogance” and the reason for this arrogance would be attributed to your success, money, relations or anything fancy reasons people would come up with because when it comes to framing stories about people in flesh and bllod, our society is the best author. This phenomenon doesn’t discriminate between cast, creed, education, occupation, gender or even dempgraphics. Well, gender can be debated!

What we have to do is to decide once and for all that you are going to be yourself and shut out everything that pulls you down in this process.

The moment your decide to change that bring out that little fire, you will have to face the most obstructions as change is the most unacceptable norm in the current society. How you hold your ground and pursue is the most important to do. Sometimes you would have to do something that you have never wanted to. You need to hold your resolve so as to overcome the inevitable and accomplish the impossible. Initially it would be the most difficult but your duty is to set yourself used to this judgement.Once you acknoledge and accept it, noone can prevent you. This doesn’t happen so easily. It takes time and resolve. After a few steps, get ready to run.

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