Zumba- The exuberant workout regime

Zumba started gaining Indian interest around a decade back. Of late it is a rage. The adrenaline pump provided by the fast beat music, the stress release of dancing together, the incorporation of non-dancers and moreover the effect of weight loss made zumba a colourful workout regime. It is a repetitive workout form. Today we can check the benefits of Zumba and its contribution towards #HolisticWorkout with a power-packed performance.


Weight Loss:- Zumba is by far the most effective weight-loss regime. While every workout regime provides the weightloss benefits,Zumba comes about as the winner due to the psychological effect of powerful music and the exuberant dance.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Zumba is a mix of different targeted workouts. Cardio is one of the effects of Zumba. The fast steps keep your heart beat high, thereby increasing the blood flow.

Alleviates Pain: I am not very clear about the scientific reasons behind this finding but studies have proved that it will help in reducing body pain

Improves Confidence: Since non-dancers can dance, it will in turn improves confidence. It has been noticed that ladies who indulge in Zumba classes have become more social than before.

Toning: It helps in toning your core, thighs and glutes, thereby improving your figure.

Improves Coordination: It is particularly helpful as you grow old. Zumba is particularly helpful in developing your coordination.


Today we have an illustrator who eat, drink and breathe dance. In her words, “I dance when I am hungry.” Anita Ashish learned Bharatnatyam for over a decade. The exuberant self she is, her expertise shifted to Bollywood dance and has been teaching scores of kids. For the past two years she has been working as the Zumba Instructor in Riverbourne Center. It is a feast watching her dance.

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