Dosha Quiz - Quotation on Healthy Lifestyle

Dosha Quiz – Ayurveda way of Quotation on healthy lifestyle

Ayurveda is a centuries-old science, a way of living, and also an indicator that shows how to live your life. Originated from India, this science has ruled the world when we Indians have always failed to find the importance of living life as per ayurvedic principles. Quite often we remain gobsmacked to see the intensity of the belief that the foreigners show in our Yoga, Ayurveda, and chakras. Hence we never bothered to check our doshas or live as per this. To enable us to understand our Dosha and incorporate it into our lives, we have presented a Dosha Quiz, an Ayurveda way of quotation on a healthy lifestyle.

Dosha Quiz - Quotation on Healthy Lifestyle

Dosha Quiz – Ayurveda’s quotation on a healthy lifestyle

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha


Vata is associated with ether and air. Imbalance in Vata dosha can create anxiety, constipation, etc. In order to balance /Vata we need to ingest foods that increase Pitta and Kapha. Floor exercises are the best for Vata imbalance. Keep yourself well hydrated and eat more protein and fat-rich food.


Pitta is characterized by fire and water. It controls the endocrine, metabolic and digestive systems. An imbalance causes anger issues, restlessness, and skin diseases. Since the predominant element is fire, shower in cold water and stays near water bodies to balance Pitta. Avoid hot, spicy, and fermented foods as these may heat the body even more. Coconut water, sweet fruits, etc are good for Pitta imbalance.


The elements of Kapha are water and earth. The imbalance of Kapha causes respiratory diseases, obesity, etc. Plenty of exercise and mindful activities like meditation and exercise are good for Kapha imbalance. Avoid oily, fatty, and dense carb foods. Eat raw fruits, vegetables, etc.

Now that you know a brief about these doshas, take the quiz below. Please note, in order to understand your proper dosha and constitution, kindly don’t miss any questions. Also, if you are taking any medication, or if your are pregnant or breastfeeding, the suggestions may vary. In that case you can reply to our mail where we give you the results.

Know your doshas

Know your doshas

Know your Dosha Imbalance so that you could rearrange your life and lead a healthy life.

Taste Cravings
Physical activity
Saliva and mucus
When I get sick, usually
Mind and thoughts
Memory and learning
External Persona
Positive profile
Negative profile

We will mail you the result of the quiz along with some suggestions for lifestyle changes. Keep following @rakhijayashankar and @holisticwellneswithrj. Work on your dosha imbalance and start creating your own quotation on a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. This is the great way to figure out your body needs and the problems you are dealing with. Ayurveda always surprises me the great results. ❀️

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results and the remedy. Thank you for your time and effort in making and sharing this quiz!

  3. I had a chance to interview once an Ayurveda doctor and thought I learned a lot about it already, or so had an eye-opener, so as to say. Apparently, what I learned from that interview barely scratched the surface of what Ayurveda is all about. It’s great learning more about this lifestyle and I happily answered the questionnaire. Excited now to check out for my results!

  4. Ayurveda is an ancient and time-tested science. The best part is its holistic approach to health and wellness. This is a very informative post and quiz that highlights how the Doshas are the pillars on which Ayurvedic treatment is based.

  5. Wow I never heard about this! Thank you for sharing, so informative πŸ™‚
    Will do the quiz too, sounds interesting.

  6. This was a nice questionnaire looking forward to results
    Was very detail oriented

  7. It’s so good to know about our doshas. I have done this long back and it came Pitta for me. I have tried ayurvedic treatments before and it really helped me.

  8. I enjoyed playing this amazing quiz. It is good to know about these doshas. I would definitely check mine and then try the ayurvedic treatments.

  9. Love playing this quiz and am excited now to check out for my results. Ayurvedic medicines are considered safe as they are natural and herbal in nature, therefore, free from any side effects. I have consulted long back, and Ayurveda is working great for me.

  10. Ayurvedic medicines are considered safe as they are natural and herbal in nature, and free from any side effects. Superb quiz!

  11. All the answers are hidden deep within, you have explained Dosha in simpler manner. Shall takeup quiz soon.

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  13. Focusing on our health and deeply trying to understand the doshas will help to lead a better and healthy life.

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