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For the longest time, I have been asked about the details of the programs. Every time I try to explain to everyone in person, I end up fumbling because every time what it means for me changes as per what state of mind I am in. So I thought, let’s get it documented. All about my wellness programs, just for you.

Wellness programs by Holistic Wellness with RJ

Wellness Programs

Last two years I have been on a learning spree and time and again I was two steps behind starting something. But yes there has to be something that I could go forward with and thus I started the 21 day wellness program.

1. 21 Days Wellness Program

21-day wellness program is an integrated program I curated after incorporating everything I have learned. Journaling, aromatherapy, EFT tapping, facial reflexology, mindfulness, ayurvedic diet. This program gives you one new habit to add to your routine for 21 days. The highlight of the program is that by the end of 21 days, you will emerge as a positive person who views life differently.

2. 21 Days mindfulness program

If you are someone who is finding it difficult to cope with your absentmindedness, self-defeating thoughts, feeling of not being valued, lack of self-worth, and loneliness. This program lets you look deeply into yourself and help you understand yourself.

This is done in a batch of three blocks – 4 days each. You will have a sentence completion exercise. The same set of sentences should be repeated for 4 days and then comes the next block. Along with sentence completion, we do mindful eating, mindful living, and box meditation (samvridhi pranayam). After the 12th day, you will further rewire your life with various mindfulness exercises.

3. Wellness Combo

We have a wellness combo integrating the 21 days wellness, 21 days gratitude and 21 days mindfulness programs. You can either do both together and one after the other. The choice is all yours.

4. 7 days of Face yoga

7 days of face yoga is done in the form of recorded videos for the first six days. On the 7th day at the time of convenience, we get on a video call to bring everything together and do everything that we learned together.

5. Diet Plans

As you are already privy, I am a huge supporter of the Ayurvedic way of living. No! This is not an ayurvedic treatment. But we decide your diet based on your Ayurvedic body constitution. Also, we get on a call to know your routine, family meal time, preferred cuisine etc. We don’t believe in a fancy diet, we go for a practical diet which you can cook on the go or integrate into your routine.

6. 6 months Holistic Wellness Coaching

This is a detailed and integrated program with all our programs alng with life coching for 6 months. We address Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intellectual, Occupational and Economic wellness.

7. 21 days Gratitude Challenge

The law of attraction is what brings success to your doorstep. Be it visualisation, journaling or meditation, we are making use of the law of attraction principles to bring the clients closer to their goals.

8. 3 Months Weightloss Package

We get on a call with the client to know your body type, lifestyle and routine. We give either our prerecorded workout or the videos available on social media. Different workouts per day.

Now that you have checked out all our programs, you know which one to sign up for. Sign up for your favourite wellness program and start your journey towards peace and happiness.

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  1. It’s very good to know about these packages. We all need to work on our positive energies and keep the hopes flying high. We also need to be in a positive frame of mind for living a healthy body, mind and soul.

  2. If someone is looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing, then investing in a wellness program may be a good idea. These types of packages typically include access to fitness and health facilities, as well as advice from professionals on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Bang on Rakhi. I am so happy to see your incorporating your knowledge in bringing happiness and positivity in other’s lives. I liked the sentence completion exercise in the Mindfulness Program. I am sure your clients/students must be amazed to see how powerful our brain can work if we train it that way.

  4. I have recently gain wait due to PCOS and majority fat is on my face.. so i would love to know more about this face yoga and diet plans. I think it works well ❤️

  5. WOw! I was waiting for you to start your wellness plans. I am going to share with my friends. You are doing a great job

  6. A well-planned wellness program that improves our health and our quality of life is something to think about implementing. It’s perfect to know about these packages.

  7. I am glad you are practicing your learning to help people in a big way. Way to go and this is quite inspirational. Liked all your programs and will plan to join. I am a coach too but learning always empowers you so great going.

  8. Such a good way to be mindful, practice gratitude, stay healthy as well as lose weight in the right way. I’ll recommend these to my friends for sure!

  9. You are doing great Rakhi. I loved all the options of wellness program. you have incorporated various incredible options from improving mental health to diet. I am sure these programs will help people to start their holistic health journey.

  10. Wow, these are such thoughtful programs and definitely best curated to help people. I am sure the people dealing with anxiety must check them out.

  11. These are some great programs for the wellness of one and all. People should really start their year with these programs to achieve their fitness goals. All the best.

  12. Rakhi I have witnessed your growth from my first introduction some 7-8 year back till now. I am glad to see that you are spreading your wings to achieve new heights besides blessing many more people with your knowledge.

  13. I loved all the options of wellness program. you have incorporated various incredible options from improving mental health to diet

  14. Love this! I must say, that person you are two years ago is me today (well, hopefully yet with a brave face, claiming it!) Like you, I’ve also immersed myself in study and research which felt like ages. And now, I’m all for sharing, inspiring, and helping others. And what better way of doing it than by making courses that people can commit to and at the same time, be able to make you a business owner as well? I hope I could get some tips for you as a newbie on creating wellness programs🙂

  15. All programs seem so well curated and If I can join I will go ahead with 21 days of the Gratitude program which is so important for everyone to understand.

  16. Wow, thats so amazinng, All these prorgrams look so well curated with the right touch needed. I am intrigued to learn more about the face yoga part.

  17. Rakhi, you’re doing fantastic. I adored the variety of wellness programme alternatives. You have included a wide range of amazing options, from diet to mental health improvement. These programmes will undoubtedly aid folks in beginning their holistic health journey.

  18. People should really start their year with these programs to achieve their fitness goals.I hope I could get some tips on creating wellness programs🙂

  19. Wow these wellness packages sound super amazing You have included a wide range of amazing options, from diet to mental health improvement
    Thank you for sharing this

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