Physical, emotional and digital detox #DetoxTuesday

The word detox evokes the memory of a washout. As we saw growing up, warm water with honey, warm water with lemon juice etc. But a sole physical detox would not help the purpose. We need to cleanse inside out. Keeping that purpose in mind, I am starting a new series detox Tuesday starting from today. I will try to come up with a new post every Tuesday about the step by step process of the detox we need to apply. Today I will share two important steps of detox. (

I will be suggesting a few Apps. These are the ones I have used myself and found helpful. This is not sponsored.

  • Emotional Detox:- Emotional detox is inevitable if you need to have a positive mind. I have shared in my Motivational Mondays as to how you shouldn’t let anything affect you. The first step is to stay away from it. Remove or block the person who drains you out. If it is impossible, mute them and stop responding to them. Stop secretly peeping into their social life. Mute their status and stop checking what they are doing and feeling miserable yourself. Don’t forget that these days people live dual lives. One is the real life and the other is the social media life.
  • Second step is the Digital detox:- There are a lot of apps to track your screen time and I have tried most of them. Personally I have found YourHour quite helpful. Download the app, set your usage limit between 4-5 hours and unlock to 50 numbers. Monitor you usage for one day and see which App you are using the most. Set a limit for the App as well. See how it works for you for a week. I will get back to you with the next step next week.

Two golden rules about digital detox is no gadget harlf n hour before and after your bedtime. If you get to your phone the moment you wake up, the amount of toxic thoughts and negativity you breed throughout the day is unbelievably high.

So let’s start with the first steps of emotional and digital detox.

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  1. This was a really helpful read, thank you! I’ve been getting better with turning off my computer/phone a while before bedtime, but I admit I do go straight to my phine in the mornings and I don’t think it’s the most positive way to start the day. Thanks for the nudge to do better!

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