Condoms and taboo in India

We all are proud millennials. We relentlessly point out how we have grown as individuals and how much open minded the society has become in comparison to the old times. Nonetheless, the word condom and sex still raises a few eyebrows. Even now the youth have a reluctance in asking for a condom from a chemist. We have all been aware of the advantages of using a condom and how it prevents several sexually transmitted diseases and simultaneously prevents unwanted pregnancies. Nonetheless the taboo towards discussing the word condom is still there.

In an inhibition to reach out and buy the condoms, many teenagers assort to unprotected intercourse, which may damage their future for good. The new borns with congenital AIDS is not something we haven’t heard of. Hence, the issue is not reserved to mere shame or inhibition, it is way more grave. Recently a sex worker revealed that in order to avoid using condoms, some men prefer young virgin girls to satiate their pleasure because they think that condoms won’t provide sexual pleasure. Basically the issues is graver than mere shame.

A decade back, when condom vending machines were installed in campuses in Bangalore, it became a matter of debate. Ten years down the line, the mentality has not changed much. Or so to speak, it has changed behind closed doors .

Talking about sexual pleasure is another factor that has been subjected to prejudice. If someone especially women talk about sex they are tagged in a bad light. . We read Fifty Shares of Grey but having an adult toy is still a distant dream. A woman who pleasures herself is viewed with a malicious eye in India. Buying an adult toy is unimaginable. In a recent movie when a leading actress acted a masturbating scene, it became a major fiasco. Why? Because she dared to do such a disgusting act! Why is such a taboo?

Talking about all these , even my post would be viewed with a skewed eye by many saying how could she post like this? How could she endorses something like this?

Sex or condoms are not the only area of concern for us especially women. Even grave is the reluctance in talking about sexual wellness. Lack of lubrication and erectile dysfunction has created ripples in several family relations but due to the fear of society we keep to ourselves and refrain from discussing with anyone much less take rectifying measures.

All these will be changed with one venture.

Condom Bazaar is a one stop solution for all the inhibitions regarding not only condoms but also all the sex related inhibitions. The site provides several condom brands, varieties and combos.

Varieties of Condoms

They have the following varieties:

  1. Delay.
  2. Ultrathin
  3. Ribbed
  4. Superdotted
  5. Snugger Fit
  6. Regular Size
  7. Large
  8. Extra Large
  9. Flavoured: chocolate, icecream, fruit,paan,coffee, bubble gum,mint
  10. Dotted
  11. Multi textured
  12. Scented
  13. Extra Lubricated
  14. Coloured non latex
  15. Cooling
  16. Warm
  17. Female
  18. Thick
  19. Glow

With so much varieties of condoms no-one need to be concerned about compromising their sexual pleasure.

Non latex condoms are helpful for those who have latex allergy. Likewise several issues related to the use of Condoms are addresses with so many varieties of Condoms.

Other products

Apart from Condoms, they have other products which are directly and indirectly related to sex. To entice someone one need to prepare themselves to be hygienic, clean, without body or mouth odour, wearing attractive attire especially lingerie etc. Condoms Bazaar takes care of all the grooming before sex issues as well.

They have adult toys, sexual wellness products, intimate hygeine products and even mouth fresheners. They have personal lubricants , delay sprays and supplements for erectile disfunction, early ejaculation, vitality and vigour. The most unexpected products on the website is the pregnancy and ovulation test kit. On a website for condoms, no-one will expect these. Even more of a surprise is sexy lingerie for both men and women.

The fact that the terms vibrating rings, intimate massagers and silicone penis sleeves would be new to many is not a surprise. Our society has not yet recognised sexual pleasure as an inevitable part of life and more so for women. Condom bazaar has taken care all these and made the life a carefree journey.

In short the website not only deals with condoms but all the sexual and personal hygeine related problems. More than a mere condom selling website this is an awareness attempt as well. But that’s not the highlight.


The highlight is that no-one knows what you purchased from the website. Nowhere in the discrete packing would be the word condom written; Not even in your bank statement. The packet would be marked by the name of CA GAIN Healthcare. Hence the privacy of the buyer is completely maintained.

Fast delivery

If you order the product before 3Pm they will ship it the same day. Hence fast delivery is assured as well.

Hence, shyness or inhibition is no longer a matter of concern from now onwards. Without being judged, we can have the pleasure we deserve.

Rakhi Jayashankar

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  1. Sex is a hush word in India! Women’s pleasure is underrated. This is going to be useful for lots of women who hesitate talking about sex.

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