Visualization Techniques To Assure The Results Of Visualization Meditation To Attain Your Goals

We live in an era of social media upsurge. We have been exposed to too many visions and noises that often the vision that we need to take forward remains clut momtered in the process. You know what you want, you know what is your aim but you don’t know exactly what it is and how to attain this. Success looks like a hazy picture in a pixelated format. So, how to bring the pixels together and see it as a whole thing? This is where the visualization techniques come into the picture.

Visualization Techniques - Meditation

During our holistic wellness journey, we have come across visualization meditation in several instances. The proven benefits of visualization have been undoubtedly established by studies and personal experiences. Sharing some of the techniques that you can try in your daily routine.

Visualization techniques

There are two types of visualizations

  1. Outcome visualization – It focuses on what you want to acheive. The ultimate goal that would define your success.
  2. Process visualization – It focus on the steps that lead to the final destination.

You can try the following visualization techniques despite the fact that you want to do process visualization or outcome visualization.

Visualization techniques

1. Vision board

It is a board or piece of paper where you write down everything that you want to do to achieve. It can be a visual algorithm of what you want to achieve and what you need to do. This is a more effective in-process visualization. Use your all senses to bring your body in tandem with what you want to achieve.

2. Guided visualization

You can find someone who provides guided visualization. Close your eyes and listen to the guided visualization that is available on social media. We will soon be coming up with our guided visualization podcast. This is an axillary tool for visualization meditation.

3. Flash cards

Flashcards, as you know are the easiest way to learn and remember things. What better way to remind yourself about what you need in your life? Write down 10 -20 important goals or steps to your goal and check these flashcards regularly.

4. Gain knowledge

Knowledge is something that is never depleted of resources. The more you learn, the more you find. While visualizing your success or aim, it is imperative that you gain knowledge about the same and apply it while your try to achieve it.

Visualization Techniques - Write down your goals

5. Visualization meditation

This is the most important and effective visualization technique that you can apply in your life. This is the process of using positive images and affirmations to train your mind. You can use affirmations or chant to calm your mind and bring your focus together. An important point to remember is that you have to work every day towards your goal. Even if you have nothing specifically to do, spend at least fifteen minutes on your visualization techniques and the goal that you want to achieve.

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Visualization techniques for visualization meditation

Visualization meditation is largely living your parallel life every day. Have you ever tried living your future? This is not any dystopian fantasy that I am trying to narrate. This is all about what you want to achieve.

A quiet corner

It is always better to find a corner of the house that is quiet and devoid of distractions. If you are unable to find one or if you have space constraints, you can wake up a little early, before your family, and sit on the bed for your meditation.

Gadget free time

Visualization Techniques - digital detox

If you are someone who is of the habit of intermittently checking the phone to curb your FOMO, it is always better to keep the gadgets in another room to overcome that tendency and follow digital detox. Because it is important to keep yourself away from distractions. You can use the gadget to play a soothing chant or music if that helps.


Breathing exercise is an effective step to begin visualization meditation exercises. You can try Pranayama, which is the most effective in bringing your body and mind in one point. Concentrate on breathing and make sure your body is relaxed and ready.

Think of your favorite location

Visualizing yourself in a location that you love the most boosts your mood and makes your body ready for the further visualization exercise that you are going to undertake. Further, think of what you want to do so as to attain your goal. This is the point where you are starting your actual visualization. If you want to do process visualization, think of everything that you do ti attain your goal. Make sure your trail of thoughts is in the right order. This is where the vision board helps.

Repeat as much as you want

The visualization meditation can be done as much as you want for as many times a day. You can also do it for just five minutes as well. It depends on whether you are ready and prepared.

Visualization techniques that I have mentioned above have been effective in my life and have delivered unbelievable results. Try them yourself and see how it changes your life. Along with helping you achieve the goals, they also help in reducing stress and anxiety and also improving your self-image.

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