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Zumba- The exuberant workout regime

Zumba started gaining Indian interest around a decade back. Of late it is a rage. The adrenaline pump provided by the fast beat music, the stress release of dancing together, the incorporation of non-dancers and moreover the effect of weight loss made zumba a colourful workout regime. It is a repetitive workout form. Today we… Continue reading Zumba- The exuberant workout regime

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Baratnatyam- The indispensable part of Omnipotent Indian Classical Dances Entry-5 #HolisticWorkout

Indian classical dnaces are inseparable from each other. The mudras, the steps, the music- everything would be differet and yet connected. When we look deeper into it we can see the common connection to our history and cultural integrity. Here we are illustrating Bharatnatyam- The South Indian Classical Dance form originated from Tami Nadu. All… Continue reading Baratnatyam- The indispensable part of Omnipotent Indian Classical Dances Entry-5 #HolisticWorkout

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Hip hop- Sculpt in style Entry 2- #HolisticWorkout

There are numerous dance forms all over the world but none of them are as cosmopolitan as Hip hop. The beats, the moves and the energy of the dance form is unparallel. The dance for that was once developed my the african americans and latin americans has received world-wide recognition. Benefits:- Hip hop like other… Continue reading Hip hop- Sculpt in style Entry 2- #HolisticWorkout

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Sheershasana- The ultimate Yoga Posture. Entry 1- #HolisticWorkout

If you have been following my FB page, you would know by now that we are doing a #HolisticWorkout Challenge where in women are sharing their workout regimes as videos. Starting from today we will have different workout regimes showcased here in scrutiny as well as my FB page and Twitter account. The first entry… Continue reading Sheershasana- The ultimate Yoga Posture. Entry 1- #HolisticWorkout

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Help distribute 1 million sanitary pads. #SheNeedsPad

During the lockdown,as usual the importance of sanitary pads have taken a back seat. A lot of generous thoughts have been circulating regarding not unnecessarily stocking up on food supplies. But what about sanitary pads? Especially to women who don't have access to internet. The migrat worker, orphaned girls, those in juvenile care, and the… Continue reading Help distribute 1 million sanitary pads. #SheNeedsPad

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Lockdown and housewives

Housewives is an outdated term. More fancy word would be homemaker though the life they live is just the same. It might have improved over the period of time due to the upsurge of electronic equipments and facilities. But does their life change? I have been mulling over this topic for sometime when my daughter… Continue reading Lockdown and housewives

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Happines should not be a burden #SelfLove #BlogchatterA2Z

You have every right to be happy. We have been talking about how to be happy and how to love yourself. But haven't you thought why you need to be happy. What's wrong with being sad once in a while? Have you ever thought about enjoying your sadness? If you are into a creative profession,… Continue reading Happines should not be a burden #SelfLove #BlogchatterA2Z

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Find yourself #A2ZChallenge2020 #SelfLove

We know what you need to love yourself. We know how to excavate our passion. We know how to be yourself. To be yourself, we need to find yourself. You need to know who you are. It is often an irony that we are the only ones who don't know what we need. Yes, it… Continue reading Find yourself #A2ZChallenge2020 #SelfLove

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Excavate your Passion #A2AChallenge2020 #SelfLove

To tell someone to forget the past, to move on and concentrate on yourself is easy but on a practical ground, it is equally tough. It seems impossible at some point and all you would care about is how it is going to affect your image, future and character at large. The first thought in… Continue reading Excavate your Passion #A2AChallenge2020 #SelfLove