Busting Myths About Your Morning Routine Work

Before we proceed, I have good news to share with everyone. Holistic wellness with RJ has been selected among the Top 50 Lifestyle Blogs and Top 100 Health blogs by Feedspot. A day well begun is the most productive. Well, it is not a proverb by this is something that I truly believe in. If the beginning of your day is well, the whole day goes well. Due to the same reason, I lose my cool when my kids fight in the morning. Morning time must be calm and peaceful or so I believe. My quest of having a peaceful day and morning in specific led to my ultimate morning routine for wellness. But there are some myths about your morning routine work, that you might have been following without knowing the real fact. Hence breaking the myth for you.

Morning routine work

Busting the myths about morning routine work

The morning routine work is something that we all would like to figure out but the myths surrounding the same are many. Addressing for of these on for our readers.

1. Keeping the morning alarm out of reach helps in waking better

While sleeping your body is relaxed, blood circulation is steady and at reduced levels. If you keep the alarm at a distance, you will have to rush out of bed to turn it off, which fails the whole purpose of the morning routine. The sudden variation in the blood flow is not advisable. This might make you light-headed. Moreover, your back muscles would be stiff with long hours of sleep. A sudden jerk will tamper them and you might end up having chronic heart pain

2. Drinking warm water with lemon helps you in losing weight

Morning routine work - lemon water

This has been the most common myth about the morning routine that you might have believed and followed. This is no doubt a detox drink that helps you in flushing out the impurities that would have settled in your body and it is an anti-oxidant. But it doesn’t help you in losing weight. To lose weight regular and controlled diet and exercise are a must. Have the drink as a detox but don’t drink it and wait to lose weight magically.

3. Working out in the morning is more effective

Morning routine work - working out

The effective time of workout largely depends on you. The advantage of a morning routine workout is considered to be that it helps in creating a better routine when you wake up early. But if you are waking up from deep sleep, you might feel lethargic and might be running out of fuel. Evening workout has proven to have the advantage of better endurance. Hence the effectiveness of the workout largely depends on your sleeping pattern and your daily routine.

4. You must have a heavy breakfast

Heavy breakfast

Being a health and nutrition life coach I have always insisted that the clients should not skip their breakfast, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean that the breakfast should be heavy. The breakfast should be healthy with the right mix of Carbs-protein. Unless you are leading an active routine, you need not have a heavy breakfast. But yes, having breakfast on time is necessary.

It doesn’t mean that following this routine is wrong. But the reasons and explanations that you have been hearing are wrong. Have the right morning routine work for yourself according to your daily routine and work. Stay happy, Stay well!

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  1. The lemon water point is a very common myth. And as you said we cannot expect a magical weight loss by drinking just lemon water. I am happy that you mentioned about breakfast timing. Sometimes, especially moms, tend to postpone their breakfast. They thinking that first let me finish the chores and then have it peacefully but by that time it is past breakfast time.
    having a positive attitude and a balanced life style gives long-lasting results.

  2. This was a great post Rakhi and you have busted all myths wonderfully. I agree there could not be a single fixed rule regarding morning routine. it all depends on your personal choices and overall lifestyle. I always prefer to workout in evening and it works really well for me.

    1. Yes, it’s all about your life.

      1. Superb,,,❣️👏👏

  3. That was an interesting post. I hear a lot of people drinking lemon water to lose weight! All I feel is wish it was that easy. One needs to understand his/her dietary patterns, indulge in workout too!

  4. This is so interested… sometimes i skip breakfast, lunch etc. Postponed everything…….. i think want to first finish my chores…… 🥺 but at last lost my appetite…. i prefer workout.. rakhi you are my motivator ❤️❤😘

  5. Wow Rakhi didi, this is very amazing post and nice information. I am so interesting. Well writing article. I am glad to know you shared that Busting Myths about our Morning Routine Work. Thanks for sharing😊

  6. The lemon water point my cousin sister used to do it thinking it will help her lose wait. When I heard about it I thought oh that’s so easy. Only now does I understand that lemon water doesn’t help you lose wait. Thanks for sharing this Di. This post is so informative and helpful . And I used to eat little at breakfast .my mom always told me you need to eat a heavy break fast. When I ask for the reason she just says it’s good for health. So I never followed it. From now on I will eat a heavy breakfast. You are such a good motivator.

  7. Very nicely written article. I strongly believe in having heavy breakfast and light dinner and it worked for me as per my metabolism. Exercise sometimes I skip but through proper diet weight management becomes easy for me.

  8. Few myths I too believed for long but with time I changed and after reading this article I can very well say that I am in the right track.

  9. Hahaa keeping the alarm just irritates me in the morning. I need to eat a good breakfast. Exercising and drinking warm water I never could do.

  10. Congrats on making to the Top blogs list. The points are so relevant. I exercise at night and I feel that morning exercise is more productive. Also, a good breakfast really controls hunger and makes us feel better.

  11. These are myths that are now followed as truths at many places. Eat breakfast like king was never my thing, I always thought how can I eat so much in morning. Thanks for breaking myths, such posts shall keep the right information flowing.

  12. You have busted quite a few myths that have come to be regarded as fact, especially the ones about breakfast and lemon with hot water ones. A very informative post about the right morning routine.

  13. Thank you for busting these common myths related to the morning routine. You are explained very well that every person has a different kind of a routine and there is no fixed rule.

  14. There can not be a particular rule to follow the morning routine. You have wonderfully busted the myths Rakhi🙌

  15. Yes! These are all huge misconceptions.. specially lemon water and morning exercise..These two are widely spreaded and people believe all without doing any research.. thanks for this content dear.

    1. Yes these are all misconceptions which many believe and I don’t. Drinking lemon water has not worked at all for me to reduce weight.

  16. Drinking lemon water in the morning is the most common myth, I too believed in this and got some severe gastric problems. So, it’s better to check what suits our bodies. You have amazingly busted the myth.✌.

  17. Great article! Myths for me is so common in the old days as most people do the same thing. I mean, most need to eat heavy breakfast, per se, because most people need to go out early to do hard work while nowadays, most people work in front of the computer. Add to that, most works from home nowadays and it takes only a few steps from your room, to the kitchen then to your working table. You won’t need that much carbs to burn for that. Eating a large meal would therefore be useless. Just eat right and you’ll be okay.

  18. Some of these myths are so viral that people start believing that’s sacrosanct. This is an amazing post bursting the myths.

  19. Breakfast timing is extremely important…and glad you mentioned the myth of this lemon water…it is so much common that people belive in.

  20. Oh my god I used to believe in all these myths myself 🙈 🤣 I feel like a fool now haha. Thanks for pointing these out to us.

  21. Thank you for busting these myths here. I have seen many people opting for a lemon water in the morning. And heavy breakfast is always a big no. Great post.

  22. Oh god , I have heard about all these morning myths so much but niw i am quite clear that all these are just myths nothing else. warm water with lemon in the morning is a very common myth.

  23. These are such cool myth busters. I do drink turmeric and cumin tea to detox but working out regularly doesn’t happen as regularly as I would want, though! Thanks for sharing this.

  24. That ‘lemon juice with hot water is good for weight loss ‘myth is hard to bust ! I am happy that you chose to write about these health myths and create awareness about them being just myths .

  25. Very well written tips. Yes, some myths need to be busted. And, morning routine is by far the best routine and should be followed as best as possible.

  26. So many revelations. I’d fallen for the lemon water myth myself.

  27. I am a morning person and I have been taking warm lemonade with honey for years now. But I agree that along with it good exercise and mindful eating is important.

  28. Loved the post, Rakhi. Quite an eye-opener. The most common one is drinking lemon water. Few myths needle to be busted. I had fallen for having lemonade a few years back.

  29. Very informative post! Establishing a morning routine is a critical factor in good health. Thank you for writing this.

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